Sunday, March 12, 2006

Good Luck Hendrix!

Maxx and Cody's foster brother Hendrix found his forever home yesterday with a wonderful couple at Fort Meade in Maryland. They are young and athletic and they both like to jog every day, so that will be perfect for Hendrix, he will get lots of excersize. Hopefully he will lose that extra pudginess he got from eating Maxx and Cody's food. His family are really nice people, my mom liked them a lot. I know that Aunti Lori and Maxx and Cody and even the cats will miss Hendrix, but he has a great family!

Good Luck Hendrix!
Christmas 2005

Here are Hendrix, Maxx and Cody at Halloween last year. Maxx is in a Carmen Miranda costume. Hendrix is all proud of himself because he escaped the costume!
November 2005

Although to be honest, I don't think Leila the cat is too broken up that Hendrix found his new home.

Angry Cat


  1. Hey Indy,

    That's soo coool that Hendrix (Jimi?) found his forever home. His humans sound great.

    I don't know if I could stay around if Leila looked at me like that! Yes, I think Leila will miss Hendrix.



  2. I am really Sad that Hendrix is not at my home anymore. But not as sad as my mommy,
    she keeps crying even my daddy cried. And yes even Leila misses him. She kept sitting in fron of his kennel looking for him. So daddy put the kennel away to sopt reminding us htad goof boy is not here any more. But daddy said that . He lives close by so maybe we can visit him. i would like that.
    I am so sad I havent palyed all weekend. i tried to tackle my mommy yesterday. She is not as fun as Hendrix was causeI can't actually bite her1
    Bur daddy says he is with a nice family and they will love him alot!
    So i guess I can't be too sad.

    "I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it."

  3. Poor Max. We will have to have a play date soon so that you and I can wrestle. I don't think your mom can wrestle until after the new hairless puppy comes. Maybe we can have a play date with Hendrix!

  4. That is great news, Indy. Another doggie finding his forever home. Good for you, Hendrix!

  5. Do you think Hendrix's new parents would take our dog? Please?

    Congratulations Hendrix!