Monday, March 13, 2006

How Do You Spell Relief?

So today I had a really upset tummy. When mom came home and let me out of my crate, I was frantic to go outside. She was worried I would have an accident so she put me in my crate while she went potty and changed into jogging clothes - what, did she just want to tease me??? Then we ran outside and man - I had the squirts. It was bad. And noisy. I was doing my waddling duck walk for about five solid minutes. Mom cleaned up as much as she could and then put mulch over the rest so that people wouldn't get it on their shoes. I figured while I was duck walking I would see what interesting shapes I could make - I did a pretty good figure eight, but mom did not seem to be impressed.

Then we went for a nice long walk around the lake. We even caught a runaway Dachsund! He was running right toward us and his dad was chasing him. Mom put her hand down and called him, and he ran right up to her. Then he saw me, got scared, rolled over on his back and peed. What, he didn't see me before?

Then when we got home, mom did a terrible thing! She filled this plastic tube with pink stuff, called me over, told me to sit, and then she stuck the plastic tube in the corner of my mouth and squirted some stuff in! Then she held my mouth shut and rubbed my throat so I had to swallow it!

The worst part was yet to come. She got the camera and took my picture! She said something about how she would show Woofwoof that Huskies can wear lipstick. The cruelty!
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I deserve a solid week of doggie day camp for this!


  1. Sounds like kind of a rough day, Indy. And, yes, you're owed big time. Enjoy it!

  2. I'm sorry about your tummy and I'm even more sorry about your humilation!

    My tummy's been stupid lately. My butt has been making whistling noises.

  3. Poor Indy. I recognize those bent back ears. They look like angry ears to me. I think someone owes you a whole tube of Cheez-It.

  4. Indy, hope you are fine now.
    I think that after a day like this you deserve a whole month vacation!
    Mummy also bothers me twice a day to give me my vitamines... Ouch, I hate that!
    Kind liks,

  5. Oh Indy, I'm so sorry you had the hershey squirts. They're no fun. I'm sorry you had to wear lipstick too. I've been there, but mine was orange...SOOO not cool dude. Hey it's cool that your Momma was able to catch that runaway doggie! It maked me giggle about when the doggie piddled a'cause of your good looks ;)

  6. Moms can be mean. You should have seen what mine did to Norm. It involved some wrapping & a box.....

  7. Hi, Indy. Sorry about your yucky tummy. I hate the poops...
    Mommy says she's going to have Daddy try to put your Husky ring banner on my Blog for all my friends and family to see. I hope he can get it to work right. I'll let you know.
    Get well soon!
    -Zoey Mae

  8. indy!
    we hope your tummy is better sometime when that happends to me my mom gives me a cup of cooked plain white rice first.and if that dosn't work then the pepto bismal Good luck.

  9. Hey Indy,

    My humans know when I need to go out FAST! when my tummy reeeellly starts makin' curlycuin' noises. So Dad puts on my collar, Halti and lead and I drag him out to the front so I can eat lots of grass and puke one two, one two (twice). I need my walkin' gear on just in case another dog walks by and I decide to snack on him/her. That way Dad can hold me back. Then I take Dad on a walk so I can paint the grass brown, yellow or green. Kinda like butt paintin'.

    Hope you are feelin' better.



  10. Hi Indy,
    Sorry to hear about your upset tummy. The squirts sure are no good. You really deserve to get a good yummy treat for having to endure that lipstick.

  11. Poor Indy! I hope you got your well deserved treats after all that torture!


  12. Oooo I sorry about your tummy. I hates the squirts. The pink stuff is yucky. And then your mama takes your picture??? Thats insult to injury. You deserve lots of treats, after your tummy gets less squirtsy.

  13. Well, when you get the squirts that come out the one end, you have to have the pink stuff squirted in the other end. Sorry about it. Glad to hear everything came out all right. :)