Monday, April 03, 2006

Give Me Back My Favorite Pillow!

Two years ago, my grandparents in Florida gave me a pillow for Christmas. It has my picture on it and it says "You Melt My Heart". It was for ME, not for my parents! It's mine and I love it. It's soft and just the right size for me to put my head on or cuddle up with. See?

I love it! It's MINE! I can carry it around, sleep on it, nap on it, whatever I want because it's MINE!

See how happy I am with my pillow? Well, I found a hole in it and pulled a little of the stuffing out. My dad saw me and said "Hey!" then my mom saw me and guess what? She took the pillow away and locked it in the closet! She said it's in protective custody until I can learn to play with my toys right. It's MY PILLOW!!!


  1. You are right! If it is YOUR pillow and somedoby gave it TO YOU, you can do whatever YOU WANT with that!
    Take YOUR pillow back!!!

  2. That is so unfair! We're coming over to help liberate the pillow!


  3. Been there. You've got to leave the stuffing in, Indy. Else they always take it away and give you a lecture about how it's for your own good and how if you're not going to be responsible, then you don't deserve it. Dang those human rules.

  4. I tried to get the stuffing out of one (or two or three) of my moms pillow, she wasn't very happy so now when I rip apart my toys, moms just glad that it's not her things.Humans are so possesive!

  5. That's just WRONG Indy! Put the bite on 'em!

  6. "hugging pillows,"Are great for whenever you need a hug!

  7. How cute! I got your link from Hank the Dog's blog and I too think the pillow is yours. :)

  8. You'll have to take a stand now Indy. First it was your pillow but who knows where it will end. You have to set boundries with humans or they become completely unmanagable!!

  9. My mom does that to me too. She get tired of sewing up holes in stuff with fluff inside of it. Give mom a break, she just don't want you to be pooping out fluff if you accidently swallow it (like I did once).