Friday, April 07, 2006

Mean Mommy!

What a yucky day this is. It's gray and rainy. And this morning mom had to open her BIG mouth and tell daddy about how I accidentally walked in another dog's pee pee when we were leaving day care yesterday. See, I was busy doing my business (maybe my mom should mind her OWN business!) and I didn't see the pee pee puddle on the sidewalk. Mom made me walk through the grass, and when I got in the car she noticed that my feet were wet. She practically yelled "EW! You got in my car with pee pee feet! Ew! Some other dog's pee pee is on your feet! And in my car!" Like it would have been better if it was my pee pee? Right, she would have been just as grossed out!

So all I could do was give her REALLY dirty looks for telling daddy. Because now he keeps calling me "pee pee feet". Ha ha ha very funny!


  1. That's pk Indy. Hendrix used to pee on his own feet all the time. Daddy always made fun of him!

  2. Wow Indy, your family sure is turning mean!

  3. Caroline Werle2:31 AM

    My dog kc who used to take me to the dog park saw a dog pee on a lady who was kneeling on the ground...that lady didn't know what happened! Sorry about your feet, At least it wasn't poo!

  4. I don't know why humans like so much to gossip! These days Mommy gossiped to God (my owner) that I was flirting with a yellow and handsome monglel by the gate!

  5. Hey Indy,

    2P or not 2P, that is the question. Some human named Shake-a-spear, or somethin' like that wrote it. I don't know if he was barkin' about how many pees should go in front of feet or not, but I don't think that's very nice havin' your dad call you names.

    Does it make you feel like Rudolf? What do you call your dad? My secretary has to censor what I call him sometimes. You're still Indy Pindy to me.



  6. Parents can be SO mean!

  7. Hey, Indy, ever sniff around a human toilet? I hate to mention it, but very often those places are not completely clean. If they had the noses for it, humans would realize that a lot of them wind up with pee-pee feet. Only the dog knows for sure.

  8. ewwwww pee pee feet!!!
    Your mom should be happy you didnt jump up on her lap with the pee pee feet.