Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Food Allergy Test Results

About 3 weeks ago I went to a new holistice vet. My mom said maybe this vet could figure out my tummy problems. This vet spent about an hour asking my mom all kinds of questions about me and checking me out. She took some of my blood (I was a good boy, I just whined a little so that she would give me treats). The vet's office called the other day and said that I have food allergies! The stongest allergic reaction is a 6.

I have a level 3 allergic reaction to lamb.

I have a level 2 allergic reaction to pork, rice, milk, corn and fish.

I have a level 1 allergic reaction to turkey and egg.

I have zero allergic reaction to soybean (yuck! Who wants that?), beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, yeast, oat, wheat, potato, venison, peas, and barley.

So I think mom should let me just chase and catch rabbits and ducks and I can feed myself! Mom is glad she had the test done because now she knows what will make me sick and what won't!

There was a big itchy bald patch growing on my left elbow. Mom stopped giving me cod liver oil after she got my test results and my elbow is starting to heal! I think I'm going to feel a lot better now!


  1. It's good to know what you're allergic to. My Human had an allergy test done about 10 years ago. She tested allergic to COCKROACHES!

  2. Indy, I'm so glad your Mommie founded out what was wrong with you. Schmaybe now you won't get sick so much! :)

  3. Cool! Now you can eat things which u r sure will be ok :)
    I just hope you don't try to chase me just because I am wearing bunny ears in my blog banner!!!
    Bunny Flavoured Liks for you :P

  4. That's neat Indy, now you know what NOT to eat. Was it a special vet that you went to or do all vets do that test? My mom needs to tak my boston terrier sister, Delilah, to get an alergy test, because she breaks out with little bumps so much that she has to take medicine. Was it expensive??? Well, it doesn't matter the $$, because it is worth knowing!!!!

  5. Thanx Indy for the repl on my blog. It my mom mad too that my vet hasn't suggested giving Delilah an allergy test, although usually he is a great vet. I'm going to ask about that.

    Thanks again!