Sunday, May 07, 2006

Trip with Amber and Meeting the Famous Meeshka!

Yesterday my cousin Amber came over! Grandma dropped her off early in the morning. She rarely comes over to our house because she usually barks really loud and our neighbors might complain. She sounds like a great big huge dog when she barks! We played for a while. Mom took a picture of us.
Then we went on a road trip. Mom said we were going to meet the famous Meeshka, the original Husky blogger who inspired me! Amber and I were both so excited, as you can see!

When we walked in to the Pet Expo, Meeshka came forward and greeted us like a Queen, as if she had been expecting us! She was very friendly to me and we got along very well. She is a lovely red color. She played a really funny trick on my mom - she was sniffing her face and being very cute, and while my mom was talking to her she really quickly stuck her tongue right in my mom's mouth! My mom went "Bleah! Ugh! Meeshka!" and rinsed her mouth out. Humans are so wierd! Don't they know our mouths are cleaner than theirs? Meeshka just continued to look cute and innocent. It was hilarious!
My silly humans were so busy with the Pet Expo that they didn't think to get any pictures of me and Meeshka together, which really annoyed me. However, they promised that they would take pictures next time. They better!


  1. Hahahaha, I love playing tricks on my humans! It's so much fun because they are never expecting it! I wish that I could meet fellow bloggers, and other dogs, you and Amber are very lucky!

  2. It's too bad you couldn't remind your mommy to take pictures of you and Meeshka together. A nose to the tush might of done it. naaaa. I don't think she would quite make the distinction.
    If I was to wash out my mouth each time Shasta licked me and I'm talking full face, in mouth, etc... I'd might as well stay in the shower 24/7.