Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yorka, the Singing Husky!

This is Yorka, a very talented Siberian Husky. She lives in Silver Spring, MD with her human John Taylor. When John and his wife were watching the movie "Bicentennial Man" a while ago, Yorka was inspired by some of the music and decided to sing along. She did a great job following the melody! I think she will be touring the country soon!

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  1. hey hey indy! yorka is reely talented! i like to sing too but i am not as good a singer as yorka. if she comes here on her world tour i will make sure my peepol buy tickets.

  2. Hey Indy,

    Thanks for the clip.

    What a voice! I want to be one of Yorka's roadies.

    She sings while cleanin' up the kitchen. Does she sing while gettin' a bath? I just growl. When my Dad starts hummin' Mom kinda coughs to tell him KNOCK IT OFF!!! Whoa! Hey, his dad does it, so why can't he?



  3. Her singing is wonderful thank you for sharing ,

  4. Wow, such a range! Better than "the fat lady."