Saturday, June 10, 2006

Adventures With Meeko

My parents got up early and took Meeko to an adoption this morning. He didn't get adopted, but that's okay. That means we just get to spend more time with him!

But my parents got some funny pictures of Meeko in the car, and some video of him sticking his head out the window with his lips flapping.

Then they brought Meeko back here and took us both for a nice long walk around the two big lakes in our neighborhood. It was a nice day out with a cool breeze. Then Meeko came back to our house and we wrestled for a while, they got some pictures of that too.


  1. Hey Meeko,

    Hang in there, you'll find the right forever home soon. It's great that Indy and his humans (GOOD ON YA MATES!!!!) have taken you under their wing(s). (Why do they bark that?) [I know dogs don't have wings. Maybe some humans have wings. I know that birds and insects and bugs have wings. Human bark is sooooo confusin'.]

    The photos and film clip are great. Love your flappin' lips. THAT has got to get you into some human's heart.

    Good luck. Hope to see you on your very own blog soon. (Still think you're a good lookin' dog. Ruff!)



  2. Hey Indy!! There am a woofie named Shep waiting to meet you at mine party!!

  3. Indy, the new kitties got in the nip & passed out. Will you take us for a ride?