Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This week Mom started giving me new treats - they were called beef short ribs. She trimmed off the big peices of fat because she was afraid they would give me something called "the trots". I don't know why eating beef fat would make me trot...?

Anyway, these beef ribs have a lot of bone. If you aren't familiar with the BARF diet (biologically appropriate raw feeding), you may not know this, but bones are the main source of roughage, or fiber, in the raw diet. If dogs don't get enough bone, they...uh...don't do #2 very often and when they do, it's real soft. If dogs get too much bone and not enough meat, then they usually, uh...have...difficulty doing #2, or get "stopped up" as dad puts it and their #2 is very hard and chalky-looking.

Well, I guess I am getting used to the short ribs...and I got stopped up for a few days. I felt fine, but I just didn't do #2 for about 3 days. Then again, most dogs on the raw diet do #2 less often because they are not eating filler like grains. So, I did a lot of #2 tonight, and I uh...strained a little. I don't know if this happens to humans (I bet it does!) but as I strained, I...uh...did #1. On my front leg. So...yes...I accidentally peed on my own leg. How embarassing, right? I mean, put yourself in my place - I have to do my business in public! Thank goodness it was dark and there weren't many people around, so no big deal, right?

NOOOOOOOOOOO. No, my mom couldn't be quiet about it! No, she gasped, then said "Indy! You peed on yourself! Pee Pee Leg! Pee Pee Leg!"

We took a nice long walk, and I was hoping that by the time we got back home the pee pee would be gone. But no...no such luck. It was still there...and mom took a picture of it!!!
Click to enlarge, so you can see the Pee Pee Leg!

So...this is my life. My mom documents my most humiliating moments in a public forum.

All I have to say is, she'd better hide that Paul McCartney concert t-shirt she loves so much - I think it would look better in yellow!!!!


  1. Yeah, moms can over react sometimes. They should give you the treats anyways! Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story.

  2. The 6 of us can come over and help with T-shirt design. What a meanie!

  3. I fink it's a moms job to 'barass us. and that's just wrong of her to post that pikshur! - Sammy

    Indy, am you comin to mine party?

  5. That is just funny! I mean, that is horribly wrong of your mom to do that.

    I'd like to help redesigning her fave t shirt too. Let me know how I can help, I love peeing on things.


  6. I eat a food that has no grains, and I am doing very well with the food. Sorry you had to go and be all humiliated like that! Just think of all the fun we could have with humans and the bodily fluids that they leak, or spew....like when people laugh so hard they cry, or when people sneeze and pee there pants! What I would give to have a camera then!

  7. Indy, if you're coming can I use your picture to put on the woofie's area?

  8. Oh, I so sorry. She will be in our purrayers.

    I'm gonna have an area for the woofies to play wiff each other seperate from the kitties. You can come play wiff us too of course.

  9. Mmm... I simply love bones. My people have barbecue every Sunday (a tradition here in the South of Brazil), so I always have bones on Sundays :P
    About the humilating thing, why don't you eat the camera next time and pretend you thought your Mum was offering you a bone? ;)

  10. Hey Indy,

    One reason why I have custody of MY spy camera. And I have editorial power over all photos on my blog. (Most of the time!) My secretary does get a few unedited pics in after I retire for the night.

    So you peed on yourself. Wear it as a yellow badge of courage. It tells other canines you have the guts to pee on yourself. It may become the new fad. Kinda like in Billy Madison. Arf!



  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Freda, you are hilarious!

  12. hey hey indy! that is totally not fair to post picktures on your blog without your permission. your mom wud never let you post embarrasing picktures of her online!

    on the good side, eating bones all the time sounds reely yummy to me. i get lots of rawhides but not so many bones.

  13. Well Indy this is one of those things that mom's do....they like to embarass there babies....like with humans and the necked baby pics! LOL