Monday, June 05, 2006 is Having Technical Difficulties

My mom was worried because the blogroll that she set up for my blog is not working today. She went to and got another site instead. Then she did a Google search for Blogrolling and found this infomration on the news page:
Blogrolling News
Monday, June 5
Database maintenance downtime
by Dan at 02:27PM (PDT)
Please note that is curerntly down for maintenance reasons. We have been experiencing technical issues with the database and have to take down the entire service in order to repair the problem in a quick fashion.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
The BR team.
So if your blogrolls are not working today, that is why.


  1. Thanks Indy!
    I enter in your site to check if your Blogroll was not working too!
    Hope it comes back soon and does not leave on the way all of our precious information ;)

  2. Thanks !!!!'

    I was worried so I searched blogger for blogs who might have a story on what happend and yours came right up! Adorable blog too!

  3. Hey! It is back now! And all my precious links are there :))))))

  4. Hey Indy! I thought I left you a comment about it. Momma said we need your email addy in case this happens again! It is this weekend. Starting Friday at 6 pm & ending Sunday at 6pm. You can teleport in & out as you please. I would like furry much for you to come Indy! :) Let us know.