Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm Back!

And so is my mom! And I'm back at home! My mom went to Colombia, South America to visit her grandma, who is not feeling too good. Mom is glad that she had time to spend with her grandma.

Mom brought eight bags of coffee back with her. She said it's the best coffee in the world and it's a brand that isn't sold here in the U.S.

She also brought me the cool little necktie thing in the photo below. Apparently it looks like the Colombian flag. That's nice...I'm not really excited about it though. I don't like wearing things anyway.
The Colombian Husky

Mom won't get to drink the coffee tomorrow morning anyway...both of her suitcases were lost and they still haven't been delivered. Daddy just called American Airlines and they said the bags should be here by 1:00 am today, and that the delivery people will call first. Mom is upset because all of her work clothes are in the suitcases and she can't do laundry.

My mom said she is also really, REALLY tired of soccer, something called the World Cup, guys yelling "GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!" and something called telenovelas. I don't know what they are, but if they are some kind of food I would like to try them!


  1. Welcome home. The coffee looks great. Too bad humans can't travel light like dogs. We have no clothes to be lost!

  2. Momma just drooled a little at the thought of "real" coffee...
    Indy, you look really nice in that bandana!! It got a new one that I wore for Memorial day...I don't mind them too much, unless I want to bathe myself. Then it's a pain in the hiney.
    Did you know that my cousin has a blog now? You can visit him at www.lifeofrileydog.blogspot.com

  3. Hiya Indy! I miss-ed you. I's furry glad you am back.

    PS: Don't tell the offurr kitties that I said I miss-ed you!!

  4. Glad you're back. So, maybe your Human won't have to go to work till the suitcases are back?

  5. Indy!I missed U!
    Well, I am enjoying the World Cup quite alot: my humans are spending more time at home to watch the matches and when Brazil plays they get home earlier from work. There is just one thing I don't like much: they are all the time shouting "NO!" when the team they don't want to win is about to score and I always think that they are shouting at me!

    Who Colombians are supporting in this World Cup? They were not qualified this year.

    My human Gradma loves 'novelas'. Do you know which novelas are on in Colombia now?

  6. Hi Raisa,

    My mom saw a bunch of episodes, the only titles she remembers are "La Ex", "La Tormenta" and "Amores Prohibidos". There were others but she doesn't remember what they are.

  7. Hey Indy, at least you didn't get a hat!

    I watched some of the World Cup with mt Dad. We were rooting for Argentina because my Dad was born there. But my Mom says like all sports, it will soon be over!

  8. oooh! Coffee! That looks wonderful!

    Hope you had a good trip!

  9. So no Brazilian novelas are on there at the moment.
    I heard that some people in Portugal are going crazy because of Brazilian programs there: their European Portuguese start to get some Brazilian Portuguese characteristics because of Brazilian TV programs.
    I think we dogs don't have this languages problems, woof!