Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Best Coffee in the World!

In case anyone is interested, you can order Oma Colombian coffee online here. This is mom's absolutely most favorite brand of coffee in the world. She says it's the smoothest, most non-acidic coffee she has ever had.

Her second favorite is Sello Rojo, which you can order here. Many Latin grocery stores also sell this brand.


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  2. Mum is addicted to coffee... She even gets a headache if she does not have a cup of coffee for too long.
    We have a coffee tree in our garden, but Mum does not allow me to get close to it. She says I don't need coffee to get 'electric', and that it is not good for me.

  3. The best coffee our family has tasted is Javaberry. We are real gone on that coffee. My sister is a gourmet - you name it, she's tasted it; she says Javaberry is a divine nectar.

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Javaberry is the best coffee the world has ever seen. It doesn't have a bitter taste and doesn't need milk or sugar.

  5. Pia Pagnar6:44 AM

    This brand is very popular now. Coffee depends on coffee beans, that is self-evident. I use only Javaberry now and it's really perfect. The taste of this coffee is just sublime and very noble. Ppl always ask to repeat.