Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kitten Hit By Car Needs Help!

I got this message from my friend Beau the Cat:
Indy, Can you fwd this to every dog you know who also likes cats? Malcolm is a kind bean who saved a little kitten from a most certain and painful death by being hit by a car and he's askin' for some help in donating money for little kitten's hip surgery... You can read about it on his blog.

The more of us that know, the more money he can get! The vet bill is $1000!! He also has a poll going for what to name the little girl kitty. Thanks! Beau (the cat)
Everyone, please feel free to pass this on! I would recommend asking for the name and number of the vet's office and calling them to make the donation, just because with stories on the internet like this you can't be too careful. At least that's what my mom says.

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