Friday, July 21, 2006

Be Careful When Choosing A Dog Trainer

Warning: this is a sad story!

This trainer worked at PetCo, although when this dog died while she was "training" him, she was at the owner's home.

However, this is why you need to do your research about different training methods, talk to people you trust, and talk to people who work with dogs a lot. There are many sources of helpful information and humane training methods available, so if you are EVER talking to or working with a trainer whose methods you are not comfortable with, trust your instincts and get your dog out of there!

What happened to poor Ringo was a tragedy and a betrayal. It's bad enough that he died the way he did, but for his owner to actually help the trainer and allow it to contiue for an hour - I can't imagine how that felt for him. Dog owners are entrusted with a loving, caring, and loyal living creature. We have brought them into our world to live with us, and we owe it to them to do our best to care for them. Without us to look out for them, they are helpless and doomed to a miserable end.

My mom found the name and contact information for the shelter that Ringo came from. They know about what happened to Ringo, and why and how he died. Yet they are giving Ringo's owner another dog! My mom is going to call and email them and ask exactly WHY an owner guilty of such horrible neglect is being given another dog.

My mom has worked with different dog rescues, and knows other people who work with dog rescue and cat rescue. No rescue that my mom knows of would touch this woman with a ten foot pole after what happeed to Ringo!

If you decide to read the story, please call and/or email the shelter and ask them why Ringo's owner should be allowed to even be near another animal!

Watch a video interview with Ringo's owner here.

Read the article from the Palm Beach Post here.

Please call or email the shelter to ask WHY they are giving Ringo's owner another dog!

(561) 482-8110

In Memory of Ringo


  1. Indy!
    I am writing to tell you that I made a little change in the Ring HTML code in order to be able to feature a Ring member's pic each month. Go to my blog to learn more.

  2. The story is really sad... and cruel! And they have the courage to say they love animals?! Imagine what they could do if they didn't like!!!
    You know, once Grandma called a trainer to see me and Grandma and Mum did not like the guy (can you imagine a trainer afraid of a dog?). He said I could not be trained at home and would have to spend a month with him. Mum did not like the idea of not being able to keep an eye on what was going on.
    I am a quite sweet and shy dog and nobody understands why the trainer got afraid of me just because I was howling at him?!
    My breeder got surprised as well and is going to give the phone of the trainer who trained my dog mother.

  3. What a weird story. And yeah, I agree that the owner should not be allowed to have another dog. The puppy may have had some behavioral problems, but perhaps there was a better way to solve them.

    As an owner, I freaked out yesterday when my Husky (7yrs, female) was being groomed and she bit the groomer. She's never done that before; never even so much as hinted to that kind of behavior. But it was storming, so that might have upset her, in addition to the fact that she knew she was going to have her nails clipped (her absolutely unfavorite activity).

    I cannot imagine sitting there watching a "trainer" with an obviously distressed dog. In the heat wave we've been having recently, it would be quite easy for a dog to get distressed.