Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sleepover at Grandma's!

On Tuesday when mom picked me up from school and we went home, it was REALLY hot in the house! Mom went over to the thermostat on the wall and said a bad word. Then she called dad at work and said we had no power. No power to what?

Then mom called grandma and said we were coming over because it was so hot out. Today it got super hot. The news said that it was 99 degrees, but with the humidity it felt like 104 degrees. It was 85 degrees in the house and mom couldn't stop sweating, so we went to grandma's.

My cousin Vito is staying at my grandma's house because his parents and their new baby Leo are visiting my great grandma in Colombia. Vito's parents always said that he was afraid of male dogs, but he's not afraid of me! Here we are playing in Grandma's living room:

As you can see, Amber kept pulling my tail! That night mom slept in the extra bedroom and Vito, Amber and I all slept in there on the floor. We were really good and quiet. At 5:00 am Vito and I started playing and chasing each other around, but mom said "Hey! Lay down!" so we did.
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The next morning Vito and I ran around outside and played while mom got ready to go.

So I got to play with my cousin Vito! We had a lot of fun. But mom and I are really glad that our air conditioning at home is working again!

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  1. Poor Indy, I see you have to deal with a tail grabber too. Loki is a tail grabber of the worst kind. He loves to make you run, then he'll grab your tail and put on the brakes. it HURTS! He's so evil.

    I think that Amber needs some crate time for that tail grabbing.