Friday, July 28, 2006

Make Your Northern Breed Dog Famous!

Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue needs pictures of Northern breed dogs misbehaving!
We're creating our "About Northern Breeds" section and need your help!
If you don't mind us posting pictures of your Northern Breed doing what comes naturally, such as ripping up a couch, shedding bags full, or digging to China, we'd like to use them as examples in our "About" section.
Send us your pics (and by sending them, you are authorizing us to use them on the Web site), and even a write up from your dog's point of view about why they do the things they do. We may include it on our site and teach others how endearing our breeds are!
E-mail your pictures for consideration to:
Your dog can serve as an example and as a warning to people who think they want Northern breed dogs!


  1. I think that is a good idea actually. By letting people know what they are getting into, they can't complain later on that they had no idea what to expect.

    If only I were a Husky so I could send in my picture too...Sigh

  2. I would make an exception for you Zeus, but it might confuse people who are looking for dogs!

    But you have the coolest photos on Flickr!

  3. Well shoot Indy! I'll have to untrain Shasta. It's funny how much we take forgranted, because I haven't really seen any unwanted behaviors from her except of course her now wanting to socialize with other dogs so badly and doing some pulling to do so. Not exactly the funny pics you would want, as a bullie pulling on a leash muzzled looks more like aggression than a funny pic, even though I know differently.
    Heck, why didn't this Northern Breed Contest start when she was younger. I could have easily sent pictures from back then. LOL
    Maybe I can set her up and stick a nice meatie bone in a garbage bag with some garbage, go to the store and HOPEFULLY she takes the bait. What do you think? ROFL

  4. Doodles doesn't do bad things. Doodles never did bad things. Well, Doodles didn't consider them bad. Da hoomans were pretty mad about all the remotes for the talking box that I ate though. But there's no evidence it pictures.

  5. woo-hoo! Mom's gonna look for a photo she took of us digging our way to freedom! will send asap.

  6. I'm going through our photos and will send you a bunch of links later!

  7. Thanks for your comment on my husband's blog, re. my comment on shpprgrl's. If ever you decide to come back my way you can find me at

    BTW, gorgeous dogs! When I was a kid we owned a husky, and he was the smartest, loyal dog we ever had. Love those dogs. If ever we have the room for it, I'd love to get me one of those... but for now we have a big black cat and a 14 years old chihuahua (inherited from my mom). Thanks again for dropping by! =^..^=

  8. Hmmmm. I wonder if Mom still has that picture of me with that tasty bird hanging out of my mouth........
    I'll look.
    Might look to see if that bird has a brother or sister too!!!!

  9. That's a goodIdea, but I'm not a nothern dog
    Your new buddy,

  10. Thanx for the tag Indy! I'm here (since you asked.)

  11. IndyPindy,

    I knows Sadie Mae cuz we are cousins. Her momma is my Da Sister. Or my hooman's daughter. Does that make sense?? Sadie Mae comes to visit sometimes and she used to live really close to me and come and visit every couple of days.

  12. I never do bad things. I ripped my bear's arms off, but that is all. I like him better that way. Thanks for linking to my site. I have not figured out how to make links yet, but I will.

  13. Mum is going to send some cool pics of me!!!
    And feel free to get any pics from my blog that may suits!