Thursday, July 27, 2006

Proof of How Smart We Huskies Are!

Yes, dogs as a whole are much smarter than people realize, but Huskies are like the family of geniuses that all went to Ivy League shools and made a lot of money before the .com crash.
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  1. Nice. I'm smart too. (I added you as a friend on my website, check it out)

  2. You sit upright?! Holy smokes! Isis can do that, but I can't....sniffle, sniffle

  3. This is clear proof that we huskies can operate the computer!!! We are on our way to world take over. Where's the OTTER POPS???

  4. ha ha! we will show those silly peepol who is smarter! huskies and keeshonds rule the internet!

  5. IndyPindy,

    Here is the link for the ingredients for OTTER POPS!

    Da hoomans say they are just sugar and water. They prolly aren't good for huskies, but I don't care - I loves them and they are good on a hot day. Da momma says they are cheaper then the PupPaws ice cream and I likes them better anyway. I only gets one a day though, cuz Da hooman says it'll rot my teeff.

    I don't know if they have them on the East Coast, but tell your mom to check Wally's. If you'd like, I can send you some.

  6. Hey Indy! How do you think I write in Dogster if I can't do that. Maybe I can't read, but I sure can type and I'm not a husky. BOL
    I think you're pretty smart, but now I think it's going to your head. ROFB
    Awwwww...I still love you though. *lick* *lick*

    *woof* Shasta

  7. I wonder if that dog has conquered blogger and all it's she/he has! Thanks for sharing your very funny Chic-fila story!

  8. USA, Michigan

    Sorry for the confusion.