Saturday, August 26, 2006

Does Anybody Want Concert Tickets?

My mom got some bad news this morning. The next week will be difficult and sad. My mom and dad are okay, but something sad happend in our family.

Mom had concert tickets to go see Shakira next Tuesday in Washington DC. She is trying to sell these tickets on eBay. If anyone is interested, please click here to see.


  1. You don't mean THIS Shakira, do you?

    Heh heh heh, just kidding.
    I hope you find a buyer for your tix!

    Check ya later!

  2. FYI - your 'Ninja the German Shepard' Link - goes to Puff Rainbow.

    Or perhaps Ninja got an extreme makeover... you never know these days.



  3. Hope all is well.



  4. Indy,

    tell your human woman I'm sorry for her loss. I realize that you aren't as fluffy as I am, so if she needs something really fluffy to cuddle, I'll stand still long enough for a good hug, and will take care of any kleenex she uses.


  5. Hope everything will be okay Indy - I am sorry for your sad news. We are all thinking of you and your humans, and sending you lots of love and licks.

    Opy and all at DogsWithBlogs

  6. Hi Indy,

    Give your mom a big lick from me, and try to be really good until your humans are a little happier. And when they are, RUN RIOT to make up for lost time:-)

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Luv Charlie

  7. Thank you everybody,
    Brody, no, we didn't mean that Shakira, but that was funny!

    I have been real good, I took care of my mom and grandparents yesterday and made them smile and laugh (Amber was very little help. I got her to play tug of war with me for a few seconds but she let go).

    I have been extra fluffy and cuddly with my mom.

    So far two people are watching the Shakira tickets on eBay, so we'll keep our fingers crossed!

  8. Hope you are being successful on cheering up your humans.
    Kind licks,

  9. OMG! It must be really bad if you parents are going to miss Shakira! My mommy LOVES her!

    Give your mommy lots of kisses and make her feel better.

  10. Hi Indy,

    I know it's still August and everything, and ordinarily you would not consent to cuddle your humans until at least January what with all the fur and everything, but listen, it sounds like your people are in need of some cuddles. They're sad, and as you know, NOTHING makes people happier than if they can wear a whole pile of shed-off husky fur, and there's no better way to make that happen than serious, extended cuddle sessions. So I think you should maybe try to crawl into bed with them a lot this week, and if you can try to shed extra-much, that helps you with the August situation and also makes the humans extra-happy. So everybody wins! That's my advice, let us know how it goes.