Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Hair of the Dog

On Friday evening my mom brushed me. She uses a grooming spray that she makes, a shedding comb and the dreaded Furminator.

For those of you who don't know what the Furminator is, just take a look at their web site!!! A picture of a Husky lying amid piles of (allegedly) it's own hair!

My mom has always thought that photo was faked. She thinks the piles of hair around that poor Husky are from a couple of different brushing sessions. So she brushed me on Friday and filled a plastic Safeway bag. Sure, she could spread it all over the place and make it look like a lot more, but why? She would just have to clean it up later. So here is a picture of how much hair I shed during a brushing session in late August. And I hadn't been brushed in about three weeks!
Click to enlarge

What do you think? Is the photo on the Furminator web site a setup?


  1. There is a bag like that full of my fur here too!

  2. It may indeed be a set up but the furminator works! My mom has one and I actually like being brushed with it. The furminator is a great back scratcher.

  3. Oh my doG, they stole all your furs!!! Are you bald now ????? Doodles hates when they steal his furs -- I have to do the bitie things when they try to steal it.

  4. Well, the photo may be abit misleading, maybe they have photoshop! I don't like being brushed, but that furminator looks like it really works well, and if it works fast, I would be able to be brushed less every time I need to be brushed!

  5. I hate being brushed!!! You should turn the bag of fur into "Mini Me." To see what I mean, check this picture out... this is funny... the real dog in this picture is named Dakota. The 2nd "dog" is "Mini Me".

  6. I had once claimed not to mind the Furminator, but I have decided that I don't like it, due to the fact that it removes my fluffiness.

    Since I am so fluffy, I think that picture is fake, since that dog could not have been that fluffy to begin with, since I am the fluffiest.

    (drop the furminator or get the claw)

  7. Holy crap! That's a ton of hair! You're a hairy beast, IndyPindy!

  8. Hey Indy!!!!!

    Thanks a lot! My mom, who does not like the little piles of Furry Mes I leave around the house, clicked on your Furminator links and thinks I need one. Great! Dad 'brushes' me almost every day after our mornin' walk. I like watchin' all those pieces of my DNA go flyin' through the air into my neighbors' yards. Guess Mom doesn't think that is enough.

    Guess we are gonna try one. What size of Furminator attacks your furry coat? I want one that is just right, like in Goldielocks.

    I think you should be gettin' a commission.



  9. Oh gosh Indy. What Shasta would give to have hair (fur) like that in the winter! Perhaps we could make her a snowsuit with your throw-aways. Better should go into business...after the snowsuit of course. LOL

  10. Wow it looks like we can make a whole new Indy with all that hair! I have very short hair so I wouldn't ever lose that much.

    By the way is your mom Colobian? Do you speak spanish?

  11. I don't think it's a setup, if you are anything like me or the Samoyed that lived here in this house before me (you should hear the stories, I'm telling ya)

    I was brushed a month ago and filled the front yard with my fur. Mostly the white stuff comes out and it was a TON. Kept birds happy for weeks taking that stuff up to their nests.


  12. My mommy is Salvadorian (born in the US but both parents from El Salvador).

    Unfortunately I only speak English. Mommy is trying to teach dad spanish. It is so great to know another language.

  13. It feels good to be brushed coz it feels a lot cooler. Heehee! That is a lot of fur Indy.

  14. Hey Indy, your profile shows your favorite movie is White Fang and Snow Dogs. How about Eight Below? Have ya seen that one yet? That is my fav all-time movie! I got scared when the big monster jumped out of the whale carcass. Boy that was scarey, but fun!