Saturday, September 02, 2006

Meeko Found a Great Foster Home!

Great news! Meeko found a wonderful foster home with MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral. Everyone is so happy! This nice couple are not only experienced Husky owners, but they are experienced with Rottweilers as well! So they are well prepared for all of Meeko's personality traits!

Mom left at about 10:30 this morning to get Meeko from Best Freinds. Helen at Best Freinds gave Meeko a bath yesterday, so he was nice and clean. She also took him shopping in their store, and sent him off with a bag of toys and treats - how nice of her! Meeko was wearing the nice nylon collar and nametag that my mom got him. Mom also had a bag of Meeko's things from our house - an old soft rope of mine that they gave him, a Kong Jack toy of mine that I don't like that much but that he LOVES, and a bag of Mother Hubbard Peanut Butter treats that they kept at our house for him since he came over a lot. My mom also typed up a list of Meeko's funny little personality quirks, like that he doesn't like his feet touched, and the commands he knows like sit, drop it, etc. Too bad, he can't pretend he doesn't know anything!

Here are some pictures of Meeko's transport day to his new foster home.

Mom was sad to see him go, she said she will miss him. I will too, it was always fun when he came over and mom and dad took us for long walks together.

The nice volunteers who took Meeko to his new foster parents had this to say:
Well, what a drive today for several people getting Meeko to his new foster home! Just goes to show you that holiday traffic and horrible weather will not keep rescuers from their assigned rounds. Great job with him Kerry. He is really a sweetheart and a really good boy. His pictures do not do him justice either. What a handsome dog!

Mike and Carrie (Meeko's new foster parents) were really impressed with how well behaved and friendly he is. Apparently, many of the Rotties they foster have more severe issues than he is carrying with him. But they are not under false illusions. I told them (and I'm sure Kerry detailed in her notes) that he does have issues they will have to continue to work with. I showed him all the stuff he came with (including Kerry's detailed, type-written sheet of his quirks!) and they were blown away. As many of us are, they are used to smelly, dirty fosters coming into foster care with nothing but a rope around their neck, if that. They told him that people must love him very much, and they would take very good care of him. I grilled them nicely but firmly. They were confident and kind, and I believe they will take excellent care of him and get him ready for his new home.

My mom and dad and I want to give our deep thanks to MaPaw and to my grandma and grandpa and Deb and Leo for helping to get Meeko to his new foster home. We will miss having that lovable goof arond, but he will finally be getting the daily excersize and attention that he needs, and he will be with people who know how to train him and get him ready for his forever home!

Congratulations Meeko!


  1. Yipee for Meeko ! I am so glad that he found his 'furever' home. That is really great news !


  2. YAY!
    Thats great news - we just love happies:-)
    Do you think Meeko might get a blog so we can say hello sometime?

  3. I'm so happy for Meeko! I'm sure he'll find a good home soon thanks to MaPaw and he'll finally be understood for the mixed up husky/rottie that he is.


  4. I'm very glad that Meeko found a great home! The railroad service that shuttled him there is fantastic. Cheers to all of you for helping Meeko out!

  5. Oh! I love happy endings! Hope Meeko is really happy with his new family. I was sure he would find a nice home... He is a such handsome dog!

  6. Wooooooooo! Best wishes, handsome Meeko! How can anyone help but fall in love with you, you big lug! Soon you'll have a real home of your own.

  7. Awesome, that's fantastic! Another match - very cool. Congrats Meeko


  8. hurray! i love happy endings. i am glad that meeko got such a good home and new peepol to train.

  9. YAY!!! I'm sure Meeko will be very happy with his new family!

  10. Hurray! I love it when a dog finds a great home! I just wish every dog could have a wonderful home.

  11. Oh, that's such wonderful news. It sounds like he's landed with just the right people to keep working with him and to make sure that he goes to a family who'll love him the way he should always have been loved, for the rest of his life. I'm so glad he's got a good place to wait for his new people to find him. Tashi and Polar say "rooooo!"

    I hope that you will be able to keep in touch with Meeko's new foster home and let all of us know when he goes to a forever home. Don and I would be so happy to hear that good news when it happens!