Friday, September 08, 2006

Poem by Meeko's Foster Mom

Meeko's foster mom wrote this poem about waiting for Meeko last Saturday. My mom liked it so much she wanted to share it.

Meeting Meeko by Carrie DeHaven

I'm waiting in the rain of Ernesto. Later I will meet a stranger with a strange dog. I will take the dog home with me and walk him in the rain of Ernesto. This time I know what to expect. I have three pictures of a blue-eyed Rottweiler. I have looked at those three pictures every day this week. This time I have an idea of the conditions in which the dog has been living. I know he has been to a vet and bathed as needed. This time the dog has a name, Meeko. This time is unusual.

A stranger is bringing Meeko north to us along with the rain of Ernesto. I will recognize her because she will have a blue-eyed Rottweiler. She will travel three hours in the rain with a strange dog and hand his lead to me, a stranger. We will stand in the rain of Ernesto talking. She will tell me what she learned about Meeko during their three hours in the car. I will tell her about my home and about the other dogs living there. We will be reassuring each other that it is okay to pass a strange dog between strangers. We will be reassuring each other that we are both there to help Meeko.

I am already in love with Meeko, the blue-eyed Rottweiler. I am already heartbroken with the knowledge that he will not stay. In a few weeks or a few months I will hand his lead to someone new, someone who is right now a stranger. I will tell her what I have learned about Meeko during our few weeks or few months in my home. She will invite me to see her home and to meet the dogs who live there. We will be reassuring each other that it is okay to pass a strange dog between strangers. We will be reassuring each other that we are both there to help Meeko.
This makes my mom get teary eyed every time she reads it. We all hope that Meeko's foster parents decide to keep him - it sounds like they are already heartbroken at the idea of him leaving!


  1. Wow a blue eyed Rottweiler, what a great find!

    My best friend at the park is a rottie named Harry. He didn't want to play with me at first, but being a stubborn mal I just kept sitting in front of him, kissing him and begging for his attention. He would show me his teeth, growl a little and turn away. I would jump back in front of him and continue my begging, I was relentless. Who can resist a Mal? Harry finally gave in and played with me, now he is my best buddy.

    Sounds like Meeko found a great foster mom!

  2. yeah it sounds to me like meeko already has a forever home!

  3. It's apparent all these strangers care for Meeko. Whatever happens to him, he will be in a good home and in good hands. But, hopefully he finds his forever home soon. Good luck Meeko!

  4. The blue eyed Rottweiler will look from the face of one stranger to the face of another, yet he senses that they are there to care for him. He will wag his little tail a bit, even though he isn't quite sure what's gong to happen next. He will give little kisses; good-bye, and hello, and his leash will change from the hand of one stranger to the hand of another. Meeko steps forward on his way to a new life.

    Your story has touched our hearts, and we wish you all the best, dear Meeko.

  5. Hey Indy,

    That is a beautiful poem....I hope they keep Meeko too. Those blue eyes are so mesmerizing!

    Nice to meet you!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  6. Hi name is mom met Meeko at a meet and greet this weekend and she said he is sooooooo cool! She wishes she could have brought him home to live with us...HEY!!! Wait a sibe-gone minute here!!! What am I saying?????