Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pictures of Meeko and His Foster Dad

Here are some pictures of Meeko and his foster dad! They were at a Scottish Festival in Pennsylvania this past weekend. It's over 3 hours away so my mom and I couldn't go. But doesn't Meeko look great?

And here is a picture of Bailey, Meeko's foster brother and new best friend

We hear that Meeko and Bailey play non-stop, and that Bailey is doing a good job of teaching Meeko to play gently. Congratulations Meeko!


  1. Sure would be nice if this could be Meeko's furever home! He will be awfully sad if he has to leave Bailey! Good luck Meeko!

  2. Oh! He looks so cute wearing that blue bandanna!

  3. Sorry I haven't been by in awhile, Indy! However, I'm glad to see Meeko is having a great time with his new dad. Scottish festivals are a TERRIFIC way to bond!