Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm at School Today!

Hi everyone, click here to watch me at school!

Here is a picture of me at school, you can see me in the lower right corner.
Click to enlarge

Oh, and those black things on the floor are Kongs, not...other stuff.


  1. I wish I had a fun school to go to each day!

  2. Hey Indy, cool you get to go school. So what do you learn there?

    ~ fufu

  3. Hi FuFu,
    Well, we learn to share toys and to play nice with other dogs of all sizes. I am one of the staff's favorite dogs, because I am so sweet and well behaved. When my mom comes to get me, they go back in the kennel area and yell "Indy!" and I answer "hello!" and that's how they know where to find me.

    My mom gets mad when people make comments like "Oh, he would eat a little dog!" because it's not at all true, I'm very gentle and it's not right to assume that I am vicious because I am big.