Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crazy Bowl Head

Hey everyone. Well, the big eating holiday is coming up! I am so excited! Of course, I am on the bones and raw food diet, so I get yummy stuff all the time, but this could be different yummy stuff!

Well, Meeshka would be proud. To mess with my humans and throw them off (and also get some extra attention), I decided I had to do something really strange - so here is what I did - I wore my food bowl on my head!

I had already eaten my dinner (a yummy chicken thigh!), so mom and dad were VERY confused! Mom thought maybe the movie "Signs" was on TV while she and dad were out and I was inspired by the scene where they wear tin foil on their heads so that the aliens can't read thier thoughts.
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What do you all think?


  1. Mama and Papa seemed to be able to read my thought all the time. I do think about naps, bagels, and pizza crust a lot though. Maybe I should get a metal bowl anyway.

  2. Indy~
    Wishing you and your humans a Happy Thanksgiving,Hopping a lot of turkey comes your way,sniff-sniff

    Lot's of Lick

  3. Well, it's a little late to be trying to dress as the tin man for halloween. maybe your parents should get you a bigger bowl!

  4. Hey Indy. heee you look funny with the bowl on your head. Really kinda like the people in the signs movie

    ~ fufu

  5. I think you're one crazy happy dog!

    BTW, tell your parents to check out this new blog ( that my mommy made because she wants the world to know that there's nothing like our love.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. haha! so creative of you, Indy.

    Well. My mum tried the test which you posted eariler. guess what, she is an "Idealist".. LOL!

    I prefer COE like your mum's than that of my mum's result though..



  7. Anonymous2:27 AM

    I think Colonel Taz (do you know him?) came up with the foil beaning idea, and those movie people stole it from him. But I think it does help us from having the humans read our thoughts. Maybe we should all try it, that way they don't know what we are plotting and planning!

    I see you like to sleep upside down like me, Samuel and Abby do. Check out my blog, and see some great upside down poses of us too!!

    Happy eating holiday to you too! Hope you get lots of yummies and PIE!


  8. Happy thanksgiving Indy - and I can see the similarities between you and the bit in the movie :-)


  9. tee hee indy! i think you look very safe with that bowl on your head. no skwerrels or aliens are gonna get you with that thing for protectshun!