Friday, November 24, 2006

Being Neglected and Mom's Sleepy Pants

First, dad came home last night with Harnessed to Hope brochures, business cards and a banner that smelled like Kayna and Rena. It had been at their house for a while. I spent several minutes smelling it intently and inspecting it to see if there were any stray treats. No such luck.

Then this morning, mom takes me out, gets dressed, takes all of rescue stuff and LEAVES ME AT HOME! She went to a rescue event WITHOUT ME!!! The NERVE! She tried to make up for it by giving me my usual Kong full of peanut butter and my Busy Buddy with liver treats in it. As if that would make up for being left at home! I just glared at her.

Then she has the nerve to be gone all day until 5:30, gets home, takes me for a walk (which does not make up for leaving me at home) and tells dad that she's glad she didn't take me to the event, because it was in a Borders and there was a big cardboard display right across from their table and she knows I would have spent the entire day trying to shred it. Well, that's what Huskies do!.

Anyway, on to other topics - as my good friend Meeshka has mentioned, her human LIVES in sleepy pants when she is at home. Well, my mom is also addicted to sleepy pants. Here is dad holding up mom's sleepy pants:

They are way too big for her and way too long, but she loooooooooooves them, and that is all she wears when she's at home. Is this something that afflicts Husky owners? Dad has two or three pairs of black sweatpants (you see one pair in the picture above) that he wears when he is at home. Humans are so weird. They buy all these clothes, and then spend most of their time in the same ones!!!


  1. silly peepol. all the clothes you reelly need is a collar and a good fuzzy blankie to curl up with.

  2. love the pants! Thanks for visiting my blog <3

  3. Wow! Those are some long pants!

  4. It does seem to be a husky owner thing....... The Mom wears plaid sleepy pants with pockets. They are flannel, which is also what my Nana made one of my favorite blankets out of.

  5. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Definitely a Sibe thing! My human has sleepy pants she wears around the house too. Only time she puts on regular pants is when she leaves the house. These human women are quite strange.

    Shame on your mom for not taking your with her. You are a perfect example of what a handsome husky is, and would have gotten so much attention, that she would have gotten lots more rescue work done! When dogs are as good looking as we are, it always brings the humans over to check us out.