Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dissed by Blogger

So I made a copy of my template code because I decided to try switching to the new blogger. I got a message saying that at this time they are only switching over a limited number of users and that they couldn't switch my account right now, but they hope I will try back later. Huh?


  1. Yep, that's the same thing with my blog. They won't allow me to mess it up using their new blog system until they "invite" me to. That's nice of them. I think they're prejudiced against huskies.


  2. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Don't be in a hurry to switch! I did, and now I can't figure out how to do things, like add more links. It's definitely not the same as the old blogger, and certainly more confusing. I don't like the new blogger. I wish I could go back, but they won't let us once we switch.

    Beta Blogger is STUPID!


  3. Hey Indy,

    I've heard too manys barkin's about the baaad blogger beta thingy. I came sniffin' to ask about the beta and if anymore had tried it. Now I think I'll forgo barkin' my secretary to try it and stay old school. What are the advantages of switchin' anyways?

    Guess nothin' is free, 'cept lunch. Arf! Arf!


  4. Oh, I got the invite and refused it! I must admit, I'm not as computer literate as I should be, primarily because of The Mom and her school thing. I can barely get on the laptop to blog anymore!


  5. Anonymous6:04 PM

    We resisted for a long time, but finally switched. We had to have Stormy do it, 'cuz it was really confusing and all. Once she gave it some thought, she was able to get it all set. No way mom could have done it. Anyroo, if anyone needs help, ask Storms. She's so smart!
    Play bows,
    PS: Hey Indy! 6 years going on 8 months -- maybe we're BROTHERS!?!? Ha roooooo!

  6. Anonymous9:15 PM

    It kinda sucks that Blogger is jerking loyal users around. Back when I switched over, the were BEGGING. Keep trying, Indy Pindy ... It's worth it.
    DaisyMae Maus

  7. Try again Indy. I hope you manage to switch over. ;)

    ~ fufu

  8. I'm not changing till I have to. Why? 'Cause I don't trust that the bugs are worked out!

  9. dont feel so dissed. i haf heard so many dogs woof that beta blogger is stupid! i am not gonna swich either.

  10. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Hi Indy Pindy, blogger's been cutting off my postcards (comments to others blogs) and it has me a bit miffed. Hopefully, this gets through to you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog at I'm going to need to ask my cousin DaisyMae Maus how to get around blogger's inconsiderate "veto" (it shows that I'm online because it recognizes my name, but it still tells me to login and publish, and then I get that nasty error message). The humies at blogger need to fix it, or get some of us woofies and kitties (who are in the know, now-a-days on the internetski) to help them better their performance.

    I love your blog and all the really cool pickies. Have a super wacky wednesday, and an awesome week.

    Stay strong my friend,

    Shadow Saluki, Canine-About-Town

  11. Anonymous11:55 PM

    that's not nice! mean old blogger...