Monday, December 25, 2006


I hope all of my blog friends had a great Christmas! I had a great one, as you can see!

I got a giant black Kong, the toughest one, from my mom and dad. My grandma and grandpa got me a BIG bag of dried chicken strips - YUM! and my grandparents from Florida got me a GIANT Tire Biter toy! When they came in I took it right out of the bag, ran to my crate and unwrapped it and pulled the cardboard off!

Please keep Meeshka's brother Sam in your thoughts. He hurt himself and is at the emergency vet. They think it may be a back problem and he is staying overnight.


  1. Hey Indy, wow you got lots of yummys for xmas. :)
    Merry xmas to you

    ~ fufu

  2. Merry Christmas Indy!

    Looks like you got some Great things to chew on!

    Luv your ol pal Chucksie Bux

  3. Hey Indy,
    Merry Christmas!

    You got so many great gifts! You realize the humans are sucking up since they are leaving you soon! But that's ok, the gifts are worth it, and they will be back before you know it!

    Prayers are coming from the furry five in Omaha tonight for our friend Meeshka's brother Sammy. We sure do hope he will be back to annoying her just as soon as possible.

    Hugs and licks!


  4. Great presents and good job grabbing the one from your grandparents. Old people can be forgetful so who knows when you would have gotten it! We are praying for Meeshka's brother Sammy too. We are hoping for good news.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  5. You got some nice presents! I like da pics of you. You're such a hunk!

    I vill keep Sammy in my prayers...will say a special one to St. Francis just for Sammy.

  6. oh indy! you are so cute in your little santa hat! and wut cool presents you got! i hope you get lots of milage from that big tire. tee hee!

  7. It seems you really had a great Xmas!
    My Xmas was OK, but God was not here, just Mummy, Grandpa, Grandma and a frienf of Mummy too. But, well, I got lots of treats like nuts, turkey and biscuits... Mmmm :P

  8. Hi Indy, I came across an article and thought of you.... does your Harness to Hope address this issue when they find forever homes for dogs?,7890.msg82470.html
    Also, go down to Reply #12.... poor huskeys and malamutes. And of course, it's such a tragedy for the people.

  9. Hey Amber and Indys,

    You dogs are sooo luckys! Look at all those toys and goodies. NOT FAIRS!! NOT FAIRS!! Dad, can I go to Indy and Amber's place?

    Hapyy News Year!!


  10. Happy New Year Indy - lets hope that 2007 is a wonderful year for all doggies and humans too :-)


  11. Hey Indy! Glad you're back! Wow, what great Christmas gifts! How do you like the tire toy? Mom thought I might like one of those but we weren't sure if I could chew through it; I can chew through the black Kongs. :) I am very strong. :)
    Happy woo year - and congrats on joining HULA!

  12. Mooch& Shania10:29 PM

    Hi Indy, our mom just found your blog. We are new to blogging unlike our kitties, but we are starting to find other dogs that blog. Oh, my name is Shania, and I'm a red & white huskey. We will have mom put a link to your blog.-Shania

  13. I was tagged by another fellow dog blogger and was asked to post my New Years Resolutions and tag five other dogs.  Well, I've tagged you! Check out my post to see what my resolutions are.

  14. Hello Indy! Man, what a terrific Christmas you had!
    We got Yummy Chummies in our goodies, we'res til wooing about it! Hey, that human of ours finally started posting again - check out our new blogpost

  15. A big black kong?!?! My sister and I call them "gongs" and we just love them. We have to stick to the tiny ones though.

  16. happy new year indypindy! more kongs for you i hope!


  17. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Indy!


  18. Glad you got lots of loot for Christmas, Indy. Those are great pix. Have a happy new year!

  19. Hi Indy, hope you are doing okay. You haven't been blogging lately.