Saturday, December 23, 2006


So today my mom took me on a walk around the lake. It was nice. Then we walked around our neighborhood. We were crossing the street and I tried to run toward PetSmart, but mom wasn't going for it. Sigh...then later I tried to make mom turn around and go around a corner toward PetSmart but she said no, we were going home. Sigh....

So when we got home I laid down with my back to her. Then a PetSmart commercial came on, and I decided it was time to go over to mom and complain!

Then she gave me some giant bubble wrap to tear up. After that I wasn't mad anymore. Lucky her!


  1. Hurray for bubble wrap! I am going to ask my human for some too! Woo woo!

  2. You really must be more demanding. You are too quiet about it! You must be loud and demanding and not give in. Crawl on your human, and claw her! That's a good way to get her attention!

    The bubble wrap was a bonus though!

  3. Good job on the bubble wrap. What's with the human being so difficult about Petsmart? Don't they know it is Christmas and they are supposed to load up on presents for you?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. What a great storyteller tho Indy, Have you thought of penning a book!? Hope you got to go later like promised to Petsmart.. Does the popping of the bubble wrap scare you at all? A slinky toy used to scare KC, she would run and hide poor thing, I learned my lesson! Merry Christmas to you and your family, safe travels to your parents.

  5. Doodles has never had bubble wrap...I'm gonna ask for some, it sounds like fun.

  6. Happy Howlidays to you Indypindy! I hope you got lots of delicious treats and something good to chew on!
    Miss Stella

  7. Why is it when you talk to your humans, they understand...mine just don't get it when I am talking to them trying to tell them things! Did she "take you later" like she "promised"?