Monday, January 15, 2007

JC Penney is Selling Coats Trimmed With Dog Fur

My mom saw an article online today that made her feel sick. A Texas newspaper published an article stating that JC Penney is selling coats trimmed with dog fur imported from China. Tests from two different labs confirmed that the fur was from a breed called "raccoon dogs", a wild dog in China. JC Penney representatives state that they do not plan to stop selling clothing made with dog fur. Macy's pulled a similar line of coats after discovering that they were made with raccoon dog fur, stating that they have a store policy against selling products that include dog fur. JC Penney store employees were instructed to mark out words "raccoon dog" on the label and then put the coats back on the racks.

If you have not heard, the dog and cat fur trade in China is an extremely cruel industry, and thousands of animals suffer as they are beaten, clubbed, and sometimes skinned while still alive. This news story explains why Sir Paul McCartney refuses to play in China until the Chinese government does something about this horrifying practice. JC Penney cannot be ignorant of how cruelly dogs and cats in China are treated when they are caught and killed for their fur.

My mom contacted JC Penney through this web site, she clicked on "General Inquiries". Please email JC Penney and tell them how awful and unacceptable this is. PLEASE forward this to every dog lover you know and ask them to email JC Penney as well.

Rapper Jay Z's Rocawear brand coats were advertised as containing "faux fur", but lab tests revealed that the fur trim is actaully from the raccoon dog. Click here to read the full article and to see a video of a raccoon dog being skinned alive for it's fur.

Click here to find out what you can do to stop the global trade in dog and cat fur. The Humane Society of the United States also has a Fur Free Campaign that is very helpful.


  1. I wish humans would stop using our fur - I'm very fond of mine!

  2. My mom says she will email them and also close her jcpenney card account. She won't shop somewhere that doesn't care about dogs.

  3. Although my human always says "no outfit is complete without fur", she meant fur that is SHED, not DEAD.

    Sick, sick, sick! Fur belongs on animals, not people!


  4. We went to the JC Penney web site just now and filled out a form. Thanks for alerting us to this piece of news.

  5. Yuck. That's wrong. They need to stop that.

  6. Thanks for letting us all know. We called our local penny's and complained. I remember when burlington coat factory was selling clothes with fur. Probably about 10 years ago. We called up then and complained to the store. I've never shopped there again. Thanks for being so proactive Indy & family.

  7. Congratulations for this post, Indy! Some time ago Mum watched a video on the Internet that shows how the animals are treated in China and how they take the fur while the poor animals are still alive. Mum did not have guts to watch the film up to the end :S