Monday, February 26, 2007


Yesterday it finally snowed! It was snowing thick and hard and it was sticking too! It only stayed for a few hours and then it rained, but at least I got to enjoy the snow with mom and Amber while it was here! Here I am in all of the majestic glory in my natural setting - snow!
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Here I am hanging out with Amber. We are both doing our "dramatic poses" - looking off into the horizon.

Here is Amber in the snow. If you look closely you can see that she is catching a snowflake on her tongue!

And here is a rather undignified picture, but I wanted everyone to see what I have to put up with: a tail puller! For some reason Amber LOVES to pull my tail! I try to be patient and move away or ignore her, but she is a stubborn little thing! Looking at this picture you'd think she was blind and I was leading her along with my tail!

Here are some videos of us playing. You can see us playing chase, wrestling, and me telling Amber to quit pulling my tail!


  1. woo Woo Indy! I loved the pictures of you and Amber in the snow. That is unexceptable that Amber bites your tail! I LOVED the videos that you posted! You both looked like you were having super amounts of fun. I am impressed that you have no interest in going between the slats in that fence!

  2. Hi Sitka,
    Thank you, I will tell Amber that you said that!

    Well, the fence has chicken wire around the outside and it's buried in the ground. The gate also has a chain around it, since I know how to open the latch...

  3. Love the snow photos! My Siberian sister, Miss Penny, a tiny woolly red girl with blue eyes, used to grab the tail of her kennelmate, Silver, a 100+ lb. Malamute! It was hilarious to watch! Silver would tow her around for the first part of their daily turn-out. Silver passed away last summer at the age of 16, so Miss Penny doesn't have anyone to "ski" with anymore!
    Must be a Siberian girl thing!
    Miss Stella

  4. Cool photo's Indy! We got lots of snow too, about 7 inches. Thank goodness! It has replaced my swamp.

    Stop over at my blog, I have a video of Sam being spoon fed his new Evangers duck canned food!


  5. Indy, you look so at home (and good-looking) in those pics!

    We envy the fact you guys get snow over there.

    Take care!

  6. Oooh, that snow looks awesome! I'm so jealous, it's going to be 75 here today!

    You have to put your paw down about that tail pulling stuff, she'll think she can get away with it whenever she wants!

    Thrawn from The Brat Pack

  7. Stupid girls! Tell her to leave your fluffy tail alone!
    We got snow a few days ago too but it's all slush now. Supposed to be 47 degrees today!

  8. Snow, beautiful SNOW!
    Indy, handsome INDY!
    I wish it was ME instead of the other Amber. I wouldn't grab your tail.

  9. Indy...
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! You asked what I was shredding... I was shredding paper and I loved every minute of it!!!

    I tried the Dialectizer site you told me about! Too funny!!!

    Hugs, Sitka

  10. Lovely snow. We just got ice up here, although even that was pleasantly cool. I wonder if my Rottweiler brother was the victim of a tail-puller and that is how he ended up with just a nub. That is a scary thought. I will go give him an extra hug in case he is sad about having no tail.

  11. Love the pics, Indy! Sorry I haven't commented in a long time, but mom has stupid dial-up and it takes forever just to get through reading all the cat and woofie blogs, much less comment on them. Hey! Do me a favor. I'm running for Mr. Litterbox 2007, contest going on now through tomorrw night, and I need you and your friends to vote for me. Go to Zeus the cat's blog at and leave a comment stating who you vote for and why. You can vote as many times as you want as long as each time the reason is different. Get your woofie friends to do the same. Thanks!!
    Your friend,

  12. Oh Indy, that is so cool you got snow. Can you mail me a ball of snow so I can play with snow too?

  13. hurray for snow!! it looks like you had such a good time. who needs dignity wen you haf snow?

  14. Hey Indy, the snow looks great. Your friend Amber is so clever to catch snowflake on her tongue. :)

    ~ fufu

  15. Hey Indy, where are you???

    I have a video of Sam eating his Evangers Duck food for you, and also some new blizzard pictures!!