Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Puppy Pictures

I realized that I have never posted any of my puppy pictures. Well, here are some of them. See how much my mask has changed?
These were taken three days after my mom brought me home. I was 3 months old.
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Mom sent this picture out to her friends as my "birth announcement".
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Here I am with the first toy that my mom ever bought me, a squeaky stuffed hedgehog. I still love hedgehog toys.
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These were taken when I was 4 months old. You can tell my fur is a little longer.

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This is a picture of my first bath. Notice the extremely unhappy look on my face! Also, I didn't like the way my wet tail was stuck to the side of the tub.

Well, that's it for today. I hope you all enjoyed this stroll down memory lane! I think we should all share our puppy pictures!


  1. Oh Indy, you were soooooo cute! You looked a lot like Turbo when he was a puppy!

    I sure wish I had some puppy pictures of me. I just know I was cute since I still am!


  2. Cute!

    You know, someone stole my mask, too. Do you think it was the snow thief?

  3. Oh, INDY! You are so incredibly handsome now ... but those puppy pictures are KILLER! You made my mom squeal out loud!
    And yes... who DOES come and steal our masks?

  4. Wow, Indy - you were (and still are) GORGEOUS!

    Thrawn from The Brat Pack

  5. oh wowwwee! what cute puppy pictures! how big were you as a puppy? we'll see if we can find any puppy pics we haven't posted before...

    Akira & Shiro

  6. okay, we put some of our old puppy pics up on the bloggy!
    akira & shiro

  7. You were cute and so dark! I do not have puppy pictures of me, but you can admire my current cuteness anytime.

  8. Indy, you look so cute when you're a puppy. I didn't know that your mask can change...

    ~ fufu

  9. Hey Indy! Do you mind if we link to your post about spaying and neutering tomorrow?
    Play bows,
    PS: Am wants to know how your owie is healing?

  10. You were such a cute baby!!! Awwwww!

    The bath photo I can relate to...I hate baths myself!! There's "help me get out of here!" in your eyes!
    Miss Stella

  11. I gotta get earplugs now cuz Mama just squealed in my ears at your cuteness. I'm a deaf Sibe now!
    Mama says she wishes she knew what I looked like when I was just a lil guy.

  12. Ohhh, puppy pictures! I will ask my mom to post some of MY pictures when I was a baby.

  13. hey indy! Surprised surprised!Changed so much on your mask! I will try to dig out my puppy photo.
    but mummy said that I didn't change mask much.. Lucky your mum!
    She can adore so many side of you!