Saturday, March 31, 2007

Facts About the Iditarod

Click to enlargeA comment was posted on my last post about how the Iditarod is barbaric and cruel. A Harnessed to Hope volunteer attended this year's Iditarod and saw no abuse. Anyone who has seen sled dogs mush can plainly see that they love it. The Iditarod has over 20 checkpoints, and each dog is looked over by a vet at each checkpoint.

If you would like an objective and fact based view of the Iditarod by someone who heard the allgeations of cruelty and decided to investigate, please visit


  1. The person who owns the Sunhusky website did a poor job of investigating the Iditarod. For the facts, visit the Sled Dog Action Coalition website, .

    On the pages you'll read about Ramy Brooks who was just reported by a teacher for kicking and slugging his dogs.

  2. Indy.. thanks for the info :)

    Margery - Yes... Ramy was diaqualified for hitting his dogs.. so perhaps he is a bad person, NOT the Iditarod.

    Hugs, Sitka

  3. There are a few mushers who abuse their dogs. There are regular dog owners who abuse their dogs as well. So should we outlaw dog ownership because of abusive owners?

    How did you investigate the Iditarod Margery, since you have never been there?

    Why don't you do something about racing Greyhounds in Florida, since that's where you live?

  4. It's a lot easier to point out perceived problems than it is to be a part of the solution. The euthanizing of perfectly healthy animals was a problem for me. I adopted two rescues and volunteer and donate to the same rescue group. All of my pets are spayed and neutered. What is Margery doing besides complaining?

    The Dachsies Mom

  5. I've heard some bipeds abuse their children. So perhaps we should..... ah, never mind. There is no reasoning with close-minded people.
    Margery needs to pound sand. She has no concept of the truth about the Iditarod.
    Tail wags (and a gentle lick on the nose to the Dachsies' mom),

  6. Indy is right. There are probably some mushers who do not treat their dogs as well as others. The same is true of pet owners. There are thousands of pets being mistreated every day! Just watch Animal Planets Animal Cops and the proof hits you square in the face, and heart. Unfortunately, it's a fact of life that not every person feels the love and connection to an animal that those of us on this blogging group do.

    I'd like to believe that the vast majority of those people who mush, DO truly care about their dogs health and well being. With todays technology and advanced veterinary care, these dogs are getting top notch care and would not be allowed to continue to run if they were not 100% able AND willing. Brook's dogs were
    DONE, and that is why THEY decided they did not want to continue. And, as we have all read about his hitting them, even THAT did not get them up. It was a terrible incident, but he WAS disqualified, showing that the race officials DO care.

    Back off Marjory, or I just might have to come sit on you!


  7. uh oh! i wud not want holly sitting on me! i cant imagine why any peepol wud be so stupid that they wud want to hurt theyr dogs. i hope those dogs find a much much betterer home.

  8. Hi Indy

    I'm off topic but Mom said your Mom can use any pics of me she wants. :)

    It's been a while since I've caused some trouble, maybe this is a sign I should find some!

    Thrawn from The Brat Pack

  9. Margery Glickman sits and watches poor racing greyhounds die in her back yard... so go buy some cool Iditarod auction items.


  10. Hey Indy,
    Do you and your mom ever visit Zoya's Kennel Journal? Zoya and her husband John are dog sledders whose race teams are made up of rescued dogs. And I just thought you might enjoy reading the stories of their numerous Northern breed dogs who have been given a happy life and are allowed to do what they love to do - run in the snow.

    Laura, Willow, & Stella