Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Food

Many of my blog friends and my mom's friends have said that because of all of the scary food recalls, they are going to start giving their pets homemade food. I have been on a homemade raw diet for the past 2 years because I have a lot of food allergies and I can't eat kibble. So my mom joined Costco and buys chicken thighs in bulk, and beef ribs. She also buys me Evanger's canned rabbit, and some ground frozen venison and bone. Sometimes I get canned pumpkin and sometimes I get some steamed peas. With every meal my mom gives me acidophilus and digestive enzymes to help my digestion. I have been very healthy on this diet and my skin allergies went away. My coat is in the best condition every, and I shed less than before (it's still a lot, because I am a Husky!).

Here are some pictures of me eating my breakfast. This morning I got canned rabbit mixed with my supplements, and a chicken thigh. Mmmmmm!
Click to enlarge

Here is a video of me eating. Mom would have filmed me finishing the bone, but the battery on the camera ran out.



  1. I think we'd like that! But it might make our squeamish mama horka. :)
    PS: You look very handsome eating.

  2. Wow Indy, that looks tasty. You should have me over for dinner. I could totally help you eat your tasty food.


  3. Indy.. looks yummy... I have never had raw before. But mom gives me bones every now and then :)
    Hugs, Sitka

  4. You get to eat bunny? Mama never lets me eat bunnies! WOO!

  5. Sigh, my kids have drooled all over my keyboard looking at that.

    That does indeed look very healthy and tasty!

  6. Thanks to you, my dorky brother Samuel gets that yummy Evangers Duck! He loves it too!

    I didn't think chicken bones were ok to eat??? Or is that just COOKED chicken bones?


  7. Hi Holly,
    Cooked bones of any kind are dangerious because they splinter into sharp peices. Raw, large bones that we can chew up are very good for teeth and a natural source of calcium. I love them!

  8. Hey Indy, your humans are nice to take good care of your diet. Canned rabbit.. woh.. I hope there's no canned hamster...

    ~ fufu

  9. Don't worry FuFu, there is no canned Hamster. Even if there was, I wouldn't eat it out of respect for you!

  10. we have definately thought about it still it makes you wonder what's wrong with the world when the pets aren't safe