Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Attack of Dogzilla!

I'm attacking Dogzilla! This is Dogzilla:
Click to enlargeThere are three different shapes - the football, the dumbbell, and the "free shape" - whatever that is. I have the football in extra large. It tasts yummy and your humans can put treats inside the come out when you chew the toy! My mom says she needs to keep finding more and more difficult treat dispensing toys for me, since I figure them out so quickly. But I love them! This one smells like vanilla and it's "protien enhanced", whatever that means. All I care about is that it tastes good and is fun to chew on. It's even better when there are treats in it! I'll post more later, I'm off to do some chewing.


  1. Wow Indy.. those look like SUPER fun. You know me, I am not big into those kind of toys. Mom got me a KONG. I will give it attention if and only if there is PEANUT BUTTER involved :)
    Hugs, Sitka

  2. So, these things themselves are actually edible?? Or just chewable??

    I would have to try and eat it, just to have something bad happen like it did to Kelsey!


  3. Vanilla flavored!?!? That sounds wonderful! Are they as tough as Kongs? I'd really like one but I'm an "aggressive chewer", whatever that is.
    PS: We don't get stuff stuffed into our Kongs. We like them plain.

  4. I don't like to chew on anything if there isn't treats involved. I would probably like that dogzilla if there were treats inside!


  5. Very sculptural. I'd like one to give this place some class.


    Is it a chewie or an eatie? I like eatie things. I give it my best shot to eat everything.


  6. Looks tastier than a lightsphere !