Friday, April 20, 2007

FDA Declines to List Manufacturers Who Received Contaminated Rice Protein

OK, now I am FURIOUS!!! There have been MORE pet food recalls, this time by Natural Balance and Blue Buffalo, due to contaminated rice protein from China. AND the FDA has actually DECLINED to list the manufacturers who received contaminated rice protein that was imported to the U.S. from China by Wilbur-Ellis Co. of San Francisco. The FDA is waiting to allow time for the pet food companies to test their food. So, just because your pet's food hasn't been recalled yet does NOT mean that it is safe. It just means that so far, the company hasn't tested it, or hasn't completed testing their food, or hasn't announced the results of their testing.

You can complain to the FDA by clicking here. I think it is VERY important to let them know how furious we all are with them for not being more forthcoming with this information and risking the lives of so many pets.

My mom is SO glad that I am on a raw diet, so that I am not at risk of eating any contaminated grain. Many people in Harnessed to Hope who fed Blue Buffalo or Natural Balance are switching to Innova Evo, which is grain free, since the danger seems to lie in the grains. Ender has pointed out that Solid Gold makes a grain free dog kibble called Barking at the Moon - thanks Ender! Click here for a list of grain free dog foods.

PLEASE check the ingredient list on your pet's food. If you have any doubt, throw the food out. If anyone would like information on making home made meals for dogs or cats, please email my mom at this new address to get an automatic reply with some helpful links about cooking for your pets and switching to a raw diet. If you have specific questions please send them to her adn she will do her best to help you find the answers. is also providing a lot of good information on their site.

This site will be updated with new recalls as they occur, and you can sign up for email alerts about new recalls.


  1. This sure is getting out of hand!!! Mom is switching me to EVO. There is one place here in our town that sells it, and she has to call them to see if they have the reduced fat (which is 15.5 % and the regular is 22%. I can't have alot of fat in my diet because of my corneal dystrophy :(

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!
    Hugs, Sitka

  2. that's crap, pretty much like if you actually lost a pet to that contaminated food, apparently you can't sue because dogs aren't people they are property. WTF does that mean. It would have to be a class action suit I guess where more than one person gets in on it and sues. I feel for the ones who have lost pets cause of this

  3. Indy, thanks for the info. Solid Gold is another company that has a food that has no grains (it's called Barking at the Moon, it also has no gluten) that's what I eat. If people want to switch to something like EVO and can't find it anywhere, they could also try the Solid Gold web site to see what stores in their area sell it.

  4. Good advice. I can only imagine how anxious pet owners in the US must be. Makes me wonder if we have the problem in the UK and no-one has told us.

    Michele sent me to say hi and woof!

  5. It's getting VERY scary! :(
    Tail wags,

  6. That's dreadful! I hope nothing like that happens down here in Australia.

    Here via Michele today.

  7. Orijen is what i eat, it is grain-free and makes my furs boo-tiful.

  8. Anonymous11:54 PM

    By switching to the grain-free foods,does that mean that there's no grain in the food or that the chicken that's in the package has not been fed grain? At least 20 million chickens that we know of have been fed the melamine contaminated feed. Do we know if that's in this food? How do we know and how can we check? Can these manufacturers assure us that this chicken and chicken meal is not from chickens that have eaten contaminated grain? Please someone help!!