Monday, April 30, 2007

A Good Old Fashioned Husky Freak Out

Meeshka's mom says I'm strange because I'm so well behaved and I listen to my humans so well. Ha! On Sunday I proved I'm a real Husky, and I can cause a commotion with the best of them! We went to the Walk for the Animals at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. There were mostly dogs, and a tortoise that comes every year. I was being my usual charming self and making friends.

Well, this one lady brought a ferret. He was in this litthe carriage like thing with string netting. She pushed his carriage RIGHT UP to our booth! Well...I wanted to go see the ferret. He was just sitting there taunting me! Well, I couldn't take it, and I threw a good old Husky temper tantrum!

The ferret's human looked horrified. Uh, hello! Big dogs wiht BIG prey drives - what did she think would happen? Mom thought it was so funny the way those two girls jumped and then started laughing. Do you all have videos of your tempter tantrums?


  1. do you get to walk the tortoise? It looks like you guys had tons of fun.

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  3. Did that doolish ferret owner seriously think that STRING would hold back the Jaws of Death? They're lucky all you did was throw a tantrum...


    (Sorry about deleting the other post, Sherman kept bugging me & I misspelled too many words. I have standards, you know.)

  4. The woman should have put her ferret on a flexi lead and let it run all over the place while she paid no attention like all the other prey owners.

  5. nice Indy! I have done that before! I especially LOVE how you bit at your leash! I do that too!!!
    Hugs, Sitka

  6. Good Job, My dakota would have done the same thing

  7. Once again, excellent proof that humans are just stupid. Good try at getting to it and throwing a tantrum in public!


  8. Ferret is a pretty name for a weasel. EEEK! You did good. Love your vid.

    Franki V

  9. So... wow. Sometimes bipeds aren't real smart, you know?
    I'm a very calm guy, too. But I think I would have screamed the Siberian Death Scream to get that thing! Way to go, Indy!

  10. haha. Indy. Good tantrum! I realized your tail wag like helicopter... How do you do that??


  11. I throw my fits when mom won't let me meet the other dogs in the neighborhood! She says they're mean! Mom used to have ferrets, but she won't have them now that I'm here. She's afraid I might eat them!

  12. Nice tantrum! I don't throw tantrums much, and when I do they're just mini tantrums. Lots of quiet wooing, with the occasional scream. Only when Mama won't let me play with other dogs though. As for ferrets....ferrets are mean! Mama's ferret (Rally-Monster) bites me on my nose and my feet when he's really excited. Mama puts him in time out when he does it though.