Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Illustration of This Morning's Surprise

Click to enlargeThis morning mom and I were walking out the door and there was a little bird in our stairwell! It chirped and flew right toward us! I was so excited I stood up to try and grab it in my mouth - I thought I could get a second breakfast like Ivy! Mom backed up into the apartment again really fast and made me come inside! We could still hear the birdie chirping and I was VERY excited! Then mom went back out into the stairwell without me! I could hear her moving around and talking to the bird. She opened a window, then yelled "He's out!" She came back in and said that the birdie bounced off of the window a few times and then finally flew out. Mom was very happy about it, except that when we backed into the apartment the doorknob hit her in the back. I say it serves her right for keeping me from my second breakfast! I'm on a raw diet anyway!


  1. Eat Cat! :-)


  2. Awww man! She let it get should have snatched it right out of the air bfore she could set it free!

  3. Oh man, that's too bad. People are such buzz-kills sometimes.


  4. Oh... birds for breakfast?

    ~ fufu

  5. Aww, too bad. I am sure you will have other chances.

  6. I'm sorry your human was stupid!

  7. What a spoilsport! That was extra fresh RAW food! Humans!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. i agree wif holly - that bird wuz definately on your raw diet. poor indy!

    i haf been hearing bad news lately in the second brekfest department. yesterday i sat reelly pretty and asked so nicely for my second brekfest but my randy just put his bowl in the sink and told me i wuz getting too chubby. can you beleeve it? two insults in one! i hope this bad human behavior does not continue for long.

    are all the peepol going crazy?