Friday, May 04, 2007

My Favorite (and only) Dog Food

click to enlargeI have talked before about Evangers canned dog food, and now my friend Samuel, Holly's brother, also eats it! It's good for dogs with food allergies, because it's just meat and water - no additives (it's the only dog food I can eat)! Holly and Samuel's clever mom used it to make them some homemade biscuits! Well, I love Evangers too, because it's yummy, healthy, and it's even Kosher! So I wanted to point that out for all of my Hebrew canine and feline brethren. Shalom!


  1. I love Huskies. We had a huskey/malmut mix named "Druschka."

    Quite the sweetheart.

    Cheers via Michele.

  2. Mom has even started feeding the Evangers to me,Abby and Kona too! She ordered 4 cases of chicken, and 2 cases of the rabbit. No more messing with China and ANY grains!

    The treats are awesome! I will be sure to post them on my blog!


  3. Mom wants to try this too, but everywhere in town she's tried to buy they don't have. Guess she'll order but that doesn't help our need for instant gratification!

    We'll be watching Holly's blog for the treat recipe!

    The Brat Pack

  4. oh hurray for that! i want that dog food now. maybe if i tell my peepol that i am eating kosher from now on they will get it for me!

  5. Rabbit and buffalo meat.. interesting... this is a good doggie food...