Sunday, May 06, 2007

MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue eBay Auction!

Our friends at MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral are having an eBay auction! They have had several special needs Huskies come into rescue in the past couple of months.
Jasper continues to improve, but he was so sick from the heartworms and side effects of the heartworm treatment that he needed an emergency trip to the specialists at University of Pennsylvania where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and spent the night in an oxygen tent. He must go back in a few weeks. Even with the discount that they so generously gave us, it still cost more than a few Milkbones!
Poor 11 month old Dawkin went blind. His previous owners could not afford the suggested surgery or evaluation by a canine opthalmoligist. Dawkin's eyes were changing in appearance daily and we needed to act immediately. He is now with rescue and has a series of appointments with the specialists to determine what we can do.
Then there was Maximus, who had glaucoma. His right eye was sightless and painfully swollen. The vet says severe glaucoma feels like having a migraine 24/7. Obviously we needed to hurry to relieve him from that pain by removing the eye and starting him on preventative medicine to keep his left eye safe from the same fate.
Yukon Jack is a very sick senior sibe who was on his own for a long time until a kind person found him trapped in a gorge, shaking and weak, rescued him and brought him to us. Jack requires continued care to regain his health but he is making great progress.
There is also Callie, a 10 month old epileptic girl who was turned in to MaPaw because her owners could not afford to take care of her and get her seizures under control.
You can help to support these special dogs by clicking here to bid on MaPaw's eBay items.


  1. I already know what I am bidding on. I only hope to get the model in the photo too. What do you think my odds are of winning both?


    PS. Love the new blog look!!

  2. Oh.. those poor Huskies.. I'll go check out the auction and see if I can bid for anything

    ~ fufu

  3. Hey, thanks for the support! I am afraid we will not be able to ship the item Holly hopes to win, though. Sorry about that, but at least there will be some fur on it.

  4. Great post, Indy! It's so nice of you to help get the word out!
    PS: We actually are mailing the quilt and pillow Holly mentioned directly to whoever wins them. You never know what we might do to make the items more special! Woo.

  5. God bless this work you are doing!