Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Favorite Toys

I was mentioning to another Husky friend today how much I like treat dispensing toys. Actually, I LOVE them. I have quite a collection too. I have conditioned my human to buy them for me periodically, because if I get bored, I go talk at her. She has learned (but not as fast as Huskies learn...sigh) that if I have treat dispensing toys to keep me occupied and happy, then I don't go talk at her so much when she's busy or trying to rest. Here is my collection:
Click to enlarge and read toy labelsHere are almost all of my treat dispensing toys. I have a couple of old Kongs that mom didn't put in this picture because they aren't tough enough for me anymore.
Click to enlarge and read toy lablelsHere I am laying down next to my toys...just making sure that nobody gets any ideas!
What are your favorite kinds of toys?


  1. Wow, that's a lot of treat dispensing toys!! I might need to get me some of those!


  2. We have one of those treat dispensing toys, too. Its a square plastic thing that when you roll it it spits out treats! The only thing wrong with it (as far as the humans are concerned) is that it makes A LOT of noise when we roll it along a hard floor. Whats the problem with that anyway? We also love our Nylabones and tug toys!! Nothing like a good game of tug with either the humans or each other! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  3. Indy... you have ALOT of these. You are a very loved siberian!!! Mom bought me one like the one T&E are talking about, and I don't give two flips about it!!!
    Hugs, Sitka

  4. I don't really care about toys. I like playing with my room mates. I do like toilet paper tubes, however.

  5. Dakota loves her toys too

  6. I like anything made out of rubber, but it has to be solid rubber, like a Kong, because I'm a great chewer! I love tug-toys and mommy finally got me a nice blue rubber one because I shredded the rope ones and Granny got mad about the mess. I LOVE shredding rope-y things! Whenever I can find mommy's knitting or her wool stash, I have a blast! I've started eyeing granny's thread, too, and I had fun with a spool the other day.

    Treat dispensers are fun, but rubber is the best to chew!

  7. Happys Easter, Indy. Some cooools toys there. I have a Kong or one twos one twos (two), but my favorite activity is helpin' Mom unpack the groceries. Then I get to play with all the plastic bags and stuffs. I also know what's for dinner.


    Freda Ƨ

  8. Oh your toys looks very fun. Which is your favourite? You look great protecting your toys.

    ~ fufu

  9. how do the toys stay so complete !!!

  10. After you posted first about the Leo a while back, my mom ordered us some. We like them, but only when they have treats that fall out with minimal effort. I work harder on the other treats but Kat loses interest really fast. Mom says maybe we just have to grow into them. Also, my mom was at the Atlanta aquarium a couple weeks ago and she said that she saw otters at the aquarium playing with Leos. She thought that was funny and told us that the aquarium is training the otters to be canine geniuses too!