Saturday, May 19, 2007

Exciting Day!

See this? This is a food dehydrator! My mom decided that it is healthier and cheaper to get this and buy chicken tenderloins in bulk and make chicken treats for me at home. I sat and watched her cut the chicken into small pieces and fill up each of the four trays. I sat and watched and drooled. I CAN'T WAIT to eat the treats!
Also, a Husky came to visit today! Mom got up early and went somewhere without me!!!. then about 45 minutes later she came back. Dad and I met her outside. She had a very pretty young Husky girl with her! This is Heidi. She has been at the shelter since March. Mom took her to meet her new foster family today. But Heidi was SO excited to be out of the shelter and be able to play with another dog (read: HYPER) that mom and dad decided to take us both for a nice long walk first. We had a lot of fun. Heidi liked to walk right next to me. We walked around the little lake and the big lake. Then mom filled a big bottle with water, printed some directions, and she and dad went to PetSmart with Heidi and left me at home!!!. Dad came home about 30 minutes later. He said that he and mom had to buy a doggie seat belt because Heidi was not used to being in the car, and it was a long drive on the highway to meet her new foster family. Mom came home a few hours later without Heidi. You can see more pictures of me and Heidi here.

Tomorrow we are going to a Pet Expo with the rescue, so I better go to bed and get my beauty sleep. We'll take some good pictures to post on my blog. Talk to you all later!


  1. Hi Indy, Eva here. Heidi is one beautiful girl! We checked out the rest of her pictures. What gorgeous eyes! Hopefully she won't have much trouble finding a fur-ever home. Did you get a chicken treat yet? Belly Rubs, Eva

  2. Wow, Heidi sure is bewootiful! She should come to our house - Shiloh, Jake and she go so well together. Guinness says not to feel badly about being left at home. The huskies leave her behind a lot to go to doggie school because she gets very nervous there. Shiloh says it's a great place to get treats for doing practically nothin, but Guinness ain't fallin for it.

  3. I agree with everypuppy else! Heidi is bee-roo-tiful, Indy! It's so nice of you to visit with her before she headed to her foster home! And REALLY nice of your parents and the other bipeds to get her out of the slammer!
    PS: Ooooh, I'd love to put SALMON in the food dehydrator!!!

  4. oh yes, Heidi is very bee-roo-tiful! your food dehydrator looks very interesting, I may need one!
    Hugs, Sitka

  5. Wow... thats a cool thing your mom decided to do... tell me how it taste later okie!

    <3 Pearly

  6. My mom said that when she was a little human, she and her sister wanted a food dehydrator so they could make something called "fruit roll-ups". Maybe the fact that she has wanted one in the past will help me convince her that she should get one and make me "meat roll-ups".


  7. meat roll-ups do sound good!

  8. Well, if Tashi's attempt to bust into the bag of chicken treats at the Pet Expo is any indication, it would seem they are very tasty indeed. Thanks for sharing, and sorry for the husky manners :D

  9. Hi Indy,
    Heida is really pretty, beautiful eyes and coat, and she sure looked up to you, walking right beside you and everything! oh, and that chicken looks really good!

    Akira & Shiro

  10. Hello Indy!

    The dehydrator looks soooooo COOOOL!!! I wanted mum to get one too but she said she'll just use the oven..... think about all the yummy treats she came make with it...

    Mum got a second STINKY.. I'm going crazy, will blog about it when I get time..... She said it's just temporary, but I don't believe her, because STINKY was supposed to have been "temoprary"!

    Anyway, I would be honoured if you used my Turkey Parme Biscotti recipe!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  11. Hey Indy, the food dehydrator looks cool. I hope you'll get lots of yummy treats from it.

    Heidi is such a pretty girl. Will you meet up with her more often?

    ~ Girl girl

  12. Sounds like you and Heidi had a fun day! I wish I could've come. :)