Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's New

Not a whole lot. I did want to share about Amber's new diet. My grandma was worried about feeding her regular dog food becuase of all of the recalls. So she switched to Click to enlargeNature's Variety Raw Instinct, which is grain free kibble. She also started cooking veggies with meat, either chicken or beef. Amber gets a little less than 1 cup of kibble with about 1/3 cup of the meat and veggies. Mom said they cook the meat with the veggies so that the veggies taste like meat. The veggies are supposed to help Amber lose weight. That's important for her back and legs as she gets older. But don't tell her I said that!

In other news, I have been tummy tagged by Magnum at MaPaw and some other fellow bloggers! Here is a picture of me sleeping with my tummy up:

Mom always says it looks like someone twisted me when I lay like that. Hee hee.


  1. Woo Woo Indy! I am digging the photo of you upside down!
    Hugs, Sitka

  2. Zimmie sleeps like that, too! You look VERY cute, Indy!

  3. Nice job on the food! I can't tell what veggies are in there, but try to avoid carrots and beets.. LOTS of sugars... green beans and also leafy greens are good choices..

  4. Hi Indy! Our mommy feeds us raw chicken and vegfgies all slurried up in chicken livers - yum! Sometimes we get fish too - it's extra sticky and we gobble it down. Jake really likes fish and tries to steal ours. Mom doesn't want him gettin used to our raw diet, cuz he's up for adoption. His food looks weird.

  5. Good tummy pick. I have to lose weight for my joints too, so I know how Amber feels.

  6. Oh, the dreaded green beans for weight loss!! I have to eat those too. I also get pure pumpkin puree which is an excellent fiber source (aka fills you up!)

    Love the tummy pose! You need a soft blankie in your kennel though!!


  7. Mmmm my dogs love a home made diet! :) What a cute tummy picture, too!

  8. Very nice to meet you, Indy! I am getting darker by the day, so I'm much redder than my pictures suggest. My mom and I have been reading your blog for a long time!


  9. Thanks for visiting my site. I should have a new blog soon. I have a show with an elementry school tomorrow.


  10. Hi Indy, you have a very cute sleeping pose. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  11. Indy! I quite enjoy lounging like that, as well. I'm getting the Sis to scan some old pics for the bloggy,


  12. Hmmmmm... that looks yummmmmy!!! When we got camping, mum feeds me Innova Evo, it's a grain free kibble too, and OH BOY, their canned food is even better!!!!! That's what I get actually, the canned EVO when we go camping!

    Please feel free to use any picture you like of me..hehe, maybe you should consider the muscle butt one?? That's my most wonderful feature..hehe!

    (Sunshade's mum: please don't listen to that girl, she's too flirty as it is..)

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade