Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Didn't Feel Good Last Night

Yesterday I had an upset tummy and didn't feel so good. I threw up in my crate and Daddy looked real worried. He didn't leave me a Kong with peanut butter either! Then mom came home and was worried because I didn't come out of my crate to say hi to her like I always do. She called dad and he told her I threw up. I was laying in my crate and mom said I didn't look good. Well, I resent that. Even though I look like I'm about to barf, I am still very handsome!

The good news is that mom made some boiled chicken for me like my vet told her to last summer when I had an upset tummy. The bad news is that I didn't get to eat any of it last night! Mom said I had to rest my tummy. Whatever, that's stupid! At least I got a little bit of chicken this morning, and more tonight. Mom said I am acting like I'm feeling better now, but I still get special boiled chicken tomorrow. Yum!


  1. Oh sweet Indy... I am so sorry your tummy has caused you issues. I hope you get to feeling better soon! maybe the chicken tonight will help!

  2. Poor Indy!! Are you sure you haven't been reading Sibernet's postings about picky eaters, and decided to see how that would work for you??

    I sure hope you are feeling better. Being sick is sure no fun.


  3. Oh no.. I hope you get well soon Indy..

    ~ girl girl

  4. We think you're still handsome even if you don't feel good, Indy. That chicken will do the trick, donh't you worry. We think every puppy needs pamperin once in a while. Shiloh hasn't wanted to eat much lately either. Maybe sumfin is goin around?

  5. Thanks everyone. My tummy is much better. I haven't had runny poops or thrown up again. Mom says that fasting and then giving me chicken cooked the way the vet said to always works. The vet said to add a little orange peel when you boil the chicken, and mom does it. It always seems to work!