Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's a Conspiracy

Our internet at home isn't working! So I sneaked off at doggie daycare to use the computer, since I can't blog from home right now. I think the cats are behind this! It's a conspiracy to keep HULA from taking over the world!
Anyway, I'm at school today, you can watch me here. We have naptime from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Eastern time, then we are back in day care until 4:00 pm. Here's a funny picture of me and Buddy!
Click to enlargeMom says it looks like we were singing together!


  1. My mom checks the day care website to see if you're there fairly regularly, and today when she looked, there was just a picture of your butt!


  2. It always looks like you are having so much fun there! Too bad you lost so much room with the large kennel!


  3. Oh Goody.. I get to watch you play at day care today!!!

  4. Marley,
    Haha! Well, it's a good thing I have a cute fluffy butt!

  5. That is so great that you go to a doggie daycare. FUN! I go to the dog park almost every day. Lately, one of my favorite buddies has been a little beagle. I love to run and he loves to chase me. We're a great pair.

  6. Broken internet is stupid!

  7. Hey Indy, you and Buddy look so cute there. Do all the doggies really sleep during nap time?

    ~ girl girl