Monday, June 11, 2007

Pictures of Our Walk

Click to enlargeHere are some pictures that mom took on our walk the other day. We are very lucky, we have a lake with lots of pretty trees and plants around it. That's where we walk every day. Sometimes we go around the bigger lake too. There are some trees that have some pretty peeling bark.
Click to enlargeThere are some wild berries growing around the sides of the lake. Deer come at night and eat them. We saw a deer eating last week but mom didn't have her camera. Boy was she upset! But we sat quietly and got to watch the deer for a few minutes. It was really neat! Of course, I wanted to play with her.
Click to enlargeThere are different kinds of wildflowers growing around the lake too.
Click to enlargeAnd there are some not-so-wildflowers.
I hope you liked these pictures from our walk!


  1. Hi-saw you on blogcatalog and couldn't resist!

    You might want to check out my current "How to Train a Husky" blog piece (i.e., how NOT too....)

  2. Ooh, you have such a pretty walk. That birch tree bark looks like paper so I would like to eat it.

  3. Wow.. what beautiful pictures. We have a tree in our yard that sheds its bark too. It is called a Crepe Myrtle.

  4. Such beautiful pictures! But where are the pictures of YOU???


  5. Nive pictures. That tree looks like it was caught in the middle of a cat fight! Are you sure it's supposed to look like that?