Thursday, August 30, 2007

Candid Camera

Here I am at school, having fun. Mom liked this picture so she saved it.

Then in the next shot, this is what I was doing:

Whenever I do this out in public or at someone's house, mom says "Don't lick your pee pee!" and I give her a dirty look and stop. But now I'm at school and she can't stop me, haha!
We are going into nap time soon, but we'll be back out at 1:00 pm Eastern time. You can watch us here.
And here I am in the afternoon, playing in the playhouse with my friends! I don't fit in the playhouse, I'm too big, but I do stick my head in there!


  1. Way to go, Indy! Your human must have been so frustrated!!!

  2. Hi Indy! Stop by our blog when you can - we posted pix as a show of solidarity for the Hike N Howl!!!

  3. Hee.. Indy you're so funny to do things your mom said no when she's not aruond. Did you see anything fun in the playhouse?

    ~ Girl girl

  4. Oh Indy you are too much! I like seeing you at school. You must have a lot of fun.

    I think the pee pee one is great.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  5. That's so funny! I love those pics, especially the one of you cleaning yourself! That is the BEST thing to do when there are visitors! Totally embarrasses the humans!