Sunday, August 05, 2007

Husky Sleepover!

Remember Storm? My mom found a home for him! So yesterday she went and got him out of the shelter. She took him to my day care, and he played with Luna for a while.

Then daddy took me to the day care and the three of us played!

You can see more videos of us playing here on my YouTube channel!

Then Storm came to my house and slept over! Mom and dad put my old crate together for him. We wrestled A LOT until mom and dad put us in our crates and gave us our dinner.
Then we rested for about an hour and a half while mom and dad ate their dinner and rested a little. After that they let us out to play for a while, and then we went for a long walk. We walked over to some stores and mom went in and got ice cream for her and dad, but they didn't share! We got lots of attention from the people there, and Storm was very friendly and well behaved.
We finally got tired after midnight and went into our crates. Since Storm had to sleep in his crate I slept in my crate right next to him so that he wouldn't feel lonely or scared. He whined a little, but then he went to sleep. The next day mom mom drove him to some other volunteers. He'll stay there and next weekend his new mom will pick him up. I'm so happy for Storm! He wore me out though, I need to rest!


  1. I heard he's near me. Maybe I'll go visit him.

  2. Yeah Sasha. Our mom said he is very cute you should go visit him!!!

    BTW Indy, We are jealous that you got to play with him. :-P

  3. How cool he found his new home!! Your mom did a good job! It is always rewarding when a doggie finds it's new furever home!!


  4. Awesome job breakin in the new guy, Indy. Way to go mom! Storm, welcome to the rescue club. we hope we get to meet you someday soon.

  5. That's so cool he found a home, good job on helping out!

    You always look like you have so much fun at school, I think I need to go.


  6. I'm glad you had a fun party!

  7. Oh I'm glad that Storm has a new furever home. :) You 3 look happy playing together.

    ~ girl girl

  8. Ya Storm!! We are so happy for you that you will be going to your forever home! Great job Indy and parents for helping Storm find the perfect home for him. :)

    The videos were great! You all had so much fun!

  9. You had a sleepover. How cool! Storm seems like a nice dog, I'm glad he will be part of a family.

    Hope you caught up on your naps.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  10. It's great that your mom found Storm a home. There's nothing like that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you find your family.


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  12. It always makes me so, so happy when a homeless doggy finds his or her furever home! Way to go Storm and way to go Indy's mom for helping to find that beautiful boy a home! Congratulatory woos from Canada!

  13. Storm is one handsome dude. He reminds me of myself. :-p


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  15. Fun Videos. I love the play sounds/growls.