Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Dog Treat Recipe Book is Here!!!!

Hi everyone! You might remember that a while ago, my mom asked for puppies and people to contribute dog treat recipes for a book that she was putting together for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. Since there have been so many food and treat recalls in the past several months, many people are worried about finding safe and healthy treats for their dogs. This book contains 102 recipes, some for baked, frozen, and microwave treats, and even recipes for birthday cakes, doggie cupcakes, and special dinners! There is even a section on treats for special diets and substituting ingredients for dogs with food allergies or intolerances. Each book is only $10.00 plus shipping, and all proceeds to go Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue! AND those are my friends Quincy and Tristin on the cover, both of them came from Harnessed to Hope!

Thanks to everyone who contributed recipes - you can see pictures of most of them in the Contributors section!

The book has a clear plastic front cover, spiral binding, and a plastic back cover and there are 102 recipes! This is a great gift for any dog lover, and all proceeds go to Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue for the care of their foster dogs.

Ordering Information Each book is $10.00 plus shipping. Shipping rates are:
- 1 to 3 books - $4.60 shipping
- 4 to 10 books - $9.20 shipping
- 10 or more books - please email for a shipping quote.
You can pay by check or PayPal. PayPal payments should be made to Please include the cost of shipping and let us know how many books you are ordering. Click here to order via PayPal. Make checks payable to HTHNBR, and mail them to:
HTHNBR INC PO Box 21202 Philadelphia, PA 19114

Please feel free to pass this on to friends and family!


  1. Oh Indy, you made my Mom's night. She just ordered 2 of them.

    Did you catch up on your rest? You looked really tired after the Hike N Howl.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  2. Wooo Indy... I am getting mom's CC right now to order one of these. I can't wait for her to cook things for me from it, ha roo!!! I am so glad you all had fun at the Hike n' Howl. Thanks for your compliment on my blog on sponsoring you for Hike n Howl. However, we were a little slack in actually didn't sponsor any of our friends :(

    Hugs handsome,

  3. Hey Indy Pindy :-)

    I am gonna get mum to bark about this on the DWB News site - everypup should have this great recipe book !

    DO you think you will be able to ship overseas ? I would gladly pay the extra shipping. And I also thought some of our other overseas DWBer's might like to buy a copy too ?


  4. Hey Opy,

    Good idea, I will ask! I don't see why not!

  5. Thanks Indy - I am getting mum to email right away for a quote :-)


  6. I hope it has some good allergy recipes in there so Samuel can have some treats that are wheat free!


  7. We ordered ours this morning! Our birthday is coming up next month and Mom hopes there is a good birthday cake recipe in there!

    Steve and Kat

  8. We just ordered ours, thanks! We're excited!

  9. WOOHOO I am telling my hu-mom to get us a copy a.s.a.p.!!! :D woohoo! homemade biscuits here I come!