Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Boo Boo

Click to enlargeOn Thursday night my mom noticed that my left hind paw looked red and swollen. She made me lay down so she could look at it, and then she freaked out and called daddy over and told him to bring his flash light. Daddy brought over his flash light and then they both spent about 10 minutes shining it on my foot and staring at my foot and talking about how bad it looked and how swollen it was. Mom took some pictures of it. This is the least gross one.

On Friday afternoon mom came home early and took me to the vet. This is my vet. They are really nice there and I always like visiting. I charmed everyone there and impressed them by saying "hello". Then they took me in an exam room and mom got me to lay down so that she could show the vet my yucky toe. The vet gave me a homeopathic remedy, and gave mom two little envelopes with more if it, and said to give me one a day for the next two days. The remedy was in a powder, and it wasn't very much, so it's a lot better than taking a pill! She also gave mom a little bottle of calendula tincture, and told her to mix some with warm water and soak my foot in it for 5 minutes at a time three times a day. That didn't sound so bad. But THEN she said "After you soak the foot, squeeze the toe a little to see if you can get the fluid to come out. It has to drain, otherwise the infection will get worse."

Click to enlargeSqueezing my toe? That does not sound good to me! Here I am looking scared when mom called me to go to the kitchen to get my foot soaked.

Click to enlargeHere I am glaring at my mom after she and dad finished soaking my foot and squeezing my toe. The only good thing this weekend is that mom made a LOT of biscuits today. She used some of my canned food, they are made with buffalo and duck meat. I'll post pictures of them soon. I hope all of my blog friends had a better weekend than I did!


  1. Oh Indy. How awful. I hope your toe gets better. I'm glad she made you lots of biscuits. You deserve them. Please be careful and take care of that toe.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  2. Oh Indy, that looks exactly like what Samuel has on his front toes! The vet shaves the toe, and then mom puts otomax on it (same stuff for ear yeast infections) and it clears right up. No soaking for squeezing!


  3. Owee! That looks like it hurts....well at least you got a lt of treats and some yummy food!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  4. Poor Indy!

    Hey, can we see the gross pictures too?

  5. Oh, that looks so ouchy. Mommy said that you are very brave (though unhappy) when yur mom & dad have to take care of you by soaking & squeezing yur toe. Stop by for a laugh to see Juneau wearing a lampshade (he gots fixed last Friday)! Hope yur toesie feels better real soon.

    Pee Ess - When you feel better, don't furget to sign our guestbook when you stops by.

  6. Oh ew ew ew EW!!!! I say, next time something on your Mom or Dad is swollen and infected, squeeze it until it leaks. That'll teach them!!!!!


  7. YOUCH! Poor you! I think you should pee in their slippers for that.
    P.S. I hope it gets better soon or you'll be wearing that stooopid lampshade that seems to be the trendy thing these days.

  8. Hmmm... that doesn't sound like fun at all! I hope you get better soon.


  9. You realise that there may be a way to exploit this so that you get even more treats? I sense Husky plotting! I do hope you get better soon, though, even if you don't let your humans know about it...

  10. Anonymous3:04 PM

    You poor baby. I hope your toe is feeling better real soon

  11. Gee, we feel really bad for you. That toe looks painful! We hope you get better very soon!

    In those pics you look like you need a hug. :( Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  12. Yowza, that doesn't look so comfy!

    Hope you get well soon!