Saturday, November 24, 2007


Click to enlargeMom and Dad and I took a loooong hike today, for like an hour and a half. Dad took lots of pictures, and I got to wear my backpack and carry my long leash, water, treats, and a little water dish. Mom said I was too hyper to put on the long leash.
Click to enlargeThen dad took this picture of me that my mom just loves. She said it's one of her favorite pictures of me. Personally, I don't think dad got my good side.
And dad took this picture of a rainbow. Another great day!


  1. Looks like lots of fun.....we did a lot of laying around today.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  2. I'll bet you were hyper after going easy with that paw to get it to heal! How's it feeling?

  3. Wow Indy... sure looks like you had a good hike! I do like the photo of you with all of the leaves!

  4. Anonymous7:35 AM

    So glad your foot is all better Indy.
    I've been tagged by Ericat as a meme tag victim, and you are one of our victims. Please go to my blog for the details.

    happy Holidays!
    Chris, Abby, Rosie, Jackie, Gidget and Fritz

  5. Hi-Woo Indy,
    You look like a true adventurer Husky in that picture wif yur red backpack. Glad that yur footsie is better.

  6. Wow, that looks like a fun hike. We are going to have to get us some backpacks. Do you like yours?

    Steve and Kat

  7. That sounds like a fantastic day! There is nothing better than hiking in the cool weather.

  8. You look so much like my Miss Sheba Woo. (Of course, she would say no one looks as good as she does!)

    I'm glad the play day was fun!

  9. ooo I am jealous! I havent been hiking for a few months now! mom says Im old enough to carry a pack now too. Only Brother has one right now though. I hope we get to go hiking in the mountains soon and play in some snow!! :D

    I think you look be-woo-tiful in that photo too! Your mamma has good taste! ;)


  10. Wooos Indy,
    we're glad your paw is better. And you look very sharp in your red backpack! that IS a nice photo of you. Did you get to bring some of those biscuits your mom made along in your backpack on the hike?

    wooos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack

  11. Looks like you had fun that day, I was also hiking with my friend and her dog a white german shepard named Fenway. Kc used to love to go hiking in the fall.